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Don’t panic about flu, Kashmir’s doctors say

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Srinagar: Doctors in Kashmir have asked people to not panic over a flu epidemic, saying that the rise in the number of children with upper respiratory tract infections is due to a seasonal influenza.
Dr Nasir Shams, a consultant physician specialist and executive member of DAK, said: “This spring doctors are encountering a usual seasonal flu with viral etiology though with probable genomic alterations and intense clustering of cases. Despite rise in number of cases it is mostly mild in presentation and settles within five to seven days with minimal drug therapy”.
Doctors ask the public to take precautions, such as avoiding crowded places; covering their mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing; and keeping children away with those having such infections.
Dr Suhail Naik, a noted pediatrician and executive member of the DAK, said such infections were very common during this time of the year.
“High grade fever, congestion of nose and throat, cough, muscular pain and sometimes abdominal pain are usually the common symptoms. Patients may or may not have all of these symptoms,” Nayak said.
“We are monitoring the situation and any effect thereof and will be issuing periodic health advisories for the general public,” DAK’s president Dr. GM Mir said.

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