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KEG creates history, sets up Media Ethics Committee

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Srinagar: Kashmir Editors Guild (KEG), after a thorough discussion in its last meeting, has finally decided to set up Media Ethics Committee (MEC) that will look into the complaints that individuals, institutions, organizations and parties might have against the converge and conduct of media. Its findings will be made public and will be binding for the members of the KEG.

The MEC will function and intervene like an ombudsman for the media in Kashmir.

Setting up of the MEC has been the outcome of the protracted thought process within the Guild and is aimed at addressing issues from the point of self-introspection and self-correction.

Right now the MEC will be five member body and an option to co-opt one more member is under consideration.

KEG is honoured to announce that the three non-media members to the MEC are noted lawyer Zaffar A Shah, noted academician Prof Sidiq Wahid and industry and trade specialist Shakeel Qalander. The three distinguished personalities have kindly consented to be part of the MEC that is happening for the first time in media’s history of Kashmir.

The KEG has nominated two of its members Syed Shujaat Bukhari and Haroon Rashid Shah to be part of the MEC. Off them, latter will function as member-secretary to coordinate its working.

KEG is seriously considering co-opting one senior working journalist as a member which will happen after the media body meets again.

With this historic intervention, the KEG believes the society at large must feel privileged to point fingers and raise issue, if and when, they feel so, both in coverage and conduct. The Committee will be open to all within and outside the government as long as the issues raised pertain to the media within the territorial limitations of Kashmir.

The people who have any issues can get in touch will EMC at: mec.keg17@gmail.com


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