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Urdu on death row: JK Tourism Department signs boards with limited place for Urdu 

Urdu on death row: JK Tourism Department signs boards with limited place for Urdu 
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BHADERWAH,MAR 21— Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department is busy in installing its signs broads in historical and tourist destinations of Bhaderwah valley . But it is shocking to see how a official language language that provided forceful medium of expression against British imperialism is being discriminated . In all signs broads of the department official language is provided a very small space in comparison of other languages . No one is against English or other languages but their promotion should not be at the cost of Urdu. Many Urdu lovers demanded inquiry in the installation of sign boards on which Urdu is clearly seen discriminated and demanded intervention of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti who also holds tourism department and also demanded promotion of Urdu language and expressed serious concern over its diminishing status in the state.“Despite Urdu being a state language, its usage has been shelved to the constitutional books only. The level of discrimination is such that now on signs boards Urdu is being discriminated, said many Urdu lovers They said that there was a time when whole official work was carried out in urdu language be that revenue records, police records, banking, courts etc and the medium of instruction was also Urdu. But, nowadays the status of Urdu has been lowered to the extent that we feel hesitant to read and write in Urdu. It is impossible for any one to read the Urdu contents on Sings boards because Urdu words are written very small .“Urdu is a very rich and sweet language and is spoken in many countries of the world beside Indian sub-continent. Our state has the distinction that from the Dogra rule till now, it is our state language and after 1947 this status continue but the irony is that this status is only restricted to constitutional books while as Urdu is dying as slow death ,” they said. It has since long been deprived of the honor of medium of instruction in schools. Now it is ‘taught’ just a language in schools. Even now as one of a ‘compulsory’ language up to matric it is discriminated, not given as much importance as to other subjects. The result is the one time most accessible and comprehensible language- in which pass percentage of candidates far exceeded than those from other subjects-is proving difficult for the students both in comprehension and script.Unfortunately, however, our ‘elected’ governments did little to give Urdu its due place, notwithstanding it being declared state language. Rather they contributed in the decline of this majestic language.Urdu lovers of Bhaderwah emphasized that Urdu should be given proper place in the constitution and every step should be taken for its promotion and upliftment.

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