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Clampdown on guest control: Appreciate optimism!   

Clampdown on guest control: Appreciate optimism!   
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By Mehvish Mumtaz
Government clampdown on guest control as it stated sue to the reason of ‘receiving a number of complaints regarding the injudicious use of essential commodities’ is certainly not a move out of sagacity. Well we may criticize it out of our own predisposed opinions, but the reality is we can’t deny the issue a mounting quandary for a society like ours.

Most of us, after the order came, just focused on the past of marriages and due to the ‘Wazwan worship’ of our society. Thus it hurt badly and struck wrong cord.

The directions by the government might be in haste and there it won’t be bad if certain areas are revisited and a proper structured, that will it enduring.

However if we would look into it most of the things are clear and it seems a well-off decision.

Besides imposing restriction on the number of invitees at any function as the order states that ‘total number of people permitted to be invited on the marriage of son is 500, 400 for the marriage of daughter and 100 for engagements’ , it has lot more to add.


Use of loudspeakers and fire-crackers in any government or social functions also stands banned.  More over the order reads that there should be a complete ban on sending of dry fruits and sweets with invitations for any such occasions.

Analyzing these things it seems that if it is applied on ground, there will not be change less than a revolution.

Firstly, the quantity of the cuisines in the marriages here has become the meter of the stature in the society. There is always a race in defeating others in the number. It has not only turned into heavy expenditure activity but has landed us in social compete—that usually leads to distress in the people from humble backgrounds.

There have been instances when someone forces his parents or they are compelled by after looking at the marriages in their social circle.

When there will be guest control, atlest we can hope for a margin, a limit. This will not only help in the number of guests but the part of the order that deals with the quantity of the meals is something that should have been looked at very early. Seven in non-vegetarian dishes is enough and as some of our “intellectuals” argue that it will threaten our culture is no justifiable comment.



Confining something, so that society is saved from the ills, doesn’t vanish culture, but it can save us at large.

The part of the order that deals with the banning of the loudspeakers is so valid that, there would be hardly anyone who would oppose to it. While in marriages loudspeakers do enjoy the people in the function but what it does to the rest cannot be justified. It is like we are violating someone’s rights. It is like we are entering into someone’s home and make him listen to noise. This also creates problems for the old age people.

However, behind these things there is need of honest approach. It can start from the administrators itself. “If the king keeps fast, how can nation eat.”

(The author can be contacted at mehvishmumtaz007@gmail.com)

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