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IT Students visited Bank in Bhaderwah

IT Students visited Bank in Bhaderwah
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Mohd Majid Malik

Bhaderwah: Students of Information Technology Department of Govt Hr Sec School girls Bhaderwah got hands-on exposure at the ICIC  Bank as part of their study trip. It is for the first time that RAMSA , IL&FS in collaboration with education department organised visit for students . Students said they  reached the ICIC  Bank  branch Bhaderwah  with high hopes. We were warmly welcomed by the manager Khadafi Khateeb , Senior Executive Sameer Qazi and their staff  .Students  sat in their  office comfortably while they  explained to them  the history of money and banking.Speaking on the occasion branch manager Khadafi Khatteb informed students  about the history of the very bank.He said that people buried money underground for safekeeping before banks came into existence; they would put all their coins into pots, cover them and bury the pots hoping they would not be robbed.Later, after many robberies, banks without any profit motive came into existence; the banks had to return the same coins they received to the rightful owner. When the British arrived, for their convenience, they introduced their banking system into India. After the British left, Indian private banks came into existence, he said .After a brief lecture, IT Vocational Trainer of Govt Hr Sec School girls Shahnawaz showed the students different departments of the bank. He informed students that when  they  open a bank account, then  it is compulsory  to sign three times separately, so that bank  can scan the signature. Students also  showed  the fake currency detector. It was all high-tech! The bank offers online banking services to facilitate transfers and payments for customers.Students  were told that anyone above 10 years of age could open a minor account.After visit to bank students said they  learned about the different types of loans that the bank offers. The Manager informed us that the Bank gets insurance coverage for bad debts, the premium for which is collected in small sums from customers seeking loans. We were informed that the students wanting to study abroad or pursue higher studies could apply for student loans, which could be paid back after they get employment, they said .We went on an exclusive trip to the vault of the bank. We saw the lockers which are provided to the bank’s customers. The Manager told us the method by which the bank transported money (liquid cash) and the effective security they use. He then talked about the role of the manager in a bank. The students visited the bank under over all supervision of Principal Govt Hr Sec School girls Bhaderwah Shabnamnagar .

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