Govt has no courage to compete with resistance camp on political level: Malik


    Condemns arrest spree in Valley

    Srinagar: Incarcerated chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said that the rulers and their police have no courage to compete with the resistance camp on political level that is why they only believe in ‘terrorizing and unleashing oppression’ on peaceful political activities.
    In a statement issued to media, the JKLF spokesman while quoting the amalgam chief, as condemning the ‘police oppression’ against resistance camp.
    JKLF chairman said, “Police had today even cordoned the JKLF office at Abi Guzar and arrested a JKLF activist Muhammad Irfan Khan who was in a most peaceful way doing his political work.”
    Malik said that this ‘undemocratic tale of terror’ and ‘oppression’ is being written only to stage ‘drama’ of the elections and this has eventually proved the ‘futility and absurdness of this ‘whole drama’.
    Malik said, “If the rulers, pro-Indian parties and politician’s and their police and forces had some courage they should have provide resistance camp some space to run its democratic election boycott campaign.”
    He said that the people who only know to ‘suppress’ people’s voices by police and military might have no such courage because they know that if they will give resistance camp equal opportunities to run a boycott campaign, no vote will be cast anywhere.
    While condemning the spree of arrests throughout the valley, JKLF incarcerated Chairman said, “Some time before police authorities were preaching ethics and morals and saying that families should not be involved in political battles but today police is not only terrorizing political activists but in many cases intimidating and arresting their families also which shows their belief in morality and ethics.”
    JKLF chairman said that united resistance leadership has called for a complete boycott of the Indian elections and despite all odds, resistance carders will try to reach out to the people and ask them to stay away from Indian elections as these are detrimental to our sacred cause and participating in these only is to strengthen the ‘illegal occupation’ of India on Jammu Kashmir.
    Meanwhile, the spokesman said that despite heavy restrictions and intimidations and siege around the JKLF office, the amalgam activists and leaders visited various areas in Budgam, Srinagar, Kulgam, Islamabad, Pattan, Shupian and Pulwama.
    The spokesman said that in Islamabad, JKLF activists visited Subhanpora, Dablipora, Verinagh, Malik Pora etc, in Pulwama JKLF activists hold door to door and man to man boycott campaign at Litter, Nelora, Dangerpra, Aglar, Wachi, Moachwara, Aachoora and Keller Shupian.
    JKLF activists also held campaign at Mohan Pora (Muhammad Pora) Kulgam and its adjacent areas.
    In Budgam, boycott campaign was undertaken at Sangam, Peimast and Pathanpora while as in Ganderbal campaign was run at Zezen and Waskoora.
    JKLF leaders and activists also visited various localities of Srinagar including Maisuma, Gawkadal, Aabiguzar, Batamaloo etc.
    JKLF activist Muhammad Irfan Khan was arrested at Abi-Guzar during this peaceful campaign.
    The activists and leaders throughout these areas met people personally, distributed leaflets and poster of united resistance leadership and appealed people to stay away from upcoming election in Islamabad and Srinagar.