Mortality rate decreased in JK: NRHM


    Nadeem Nadu

    Srinagar, March 24: The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched to provide accessible, affordable, accountable and effective primary healthcare facilities, especially to the poor and vulnerable sections of the population.

    Director National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Dr Mohan Singh has made significant achievement under leadership of Health Minister Bali Baghat, MOS Asiea Naqash and guidance of Health Commissioner Secretary Dr Mandeep Bandari. Status of Health Indicator like IMR, NMR and U5MR are improved.

    As per SRS 2014 IMR of J&K were 34 and National 39, but recent SRS 2015 shown that IMR of J&K is 26 and National 37. NMR has also decreased from 26 to 20 in J&K whereas at National level there is decrease from 26 to 25. Under 5 Mortality rate decreased from 35 (SRS 2014) to 28 (SRS 2015) in J&K and at National from 45 to 43 respectively.

    10th CRM Team of MoHFW, GoI appreciatedĀ  the ground level programme implemented under NRHM.

    State ASHA Model was appreciated and awarded by MoHFW and Government of Rajasthan. Other states also desired to adopt this model.
    Besides that better Inter-Sectoral convergence at State level, Diet for PW coming on PMSMA day also being provided by ICDS Department.

    Meanwhile, State has also received 4% incentives during this Financial year from MoHFW for fulfilling the criteria and we areĀ  expecting more incentives from MoHFW,GoI in coming year.