By Abdul Hameed Dar


    On a chilly afternoon of Dec 28th 2016. I was on an small  outing with my friend  in order to break the shackles of the great Grandly chilly Kcllan” My friend went inside a mall to make few purchases while I was inside the vehicle suddenly I could spot a Boy wearing an upper carrying a caption “END THE WORLD”. I started pondering on the caption as all good or bad things do come to an “TEENS” it sounds strange. But believe me it is a fact and a small incident of my teenage. An incident which made me oharp enough as how toct and react in a life threaten moment of one’s life.  Many decades back a big mouse entered into the ward robe of my late elder brother may his soul rest in peace amen at own them native ancestral place at Amira-kadal. For many days the late brother tried to scare him off. But the mouse was to hide and take refuge behind the walnut wood carved ward robe. So ultimately the proceed in the services of a local made convention wooden trap. With a lever system fiend with a bait to trap the mouse in question. He put smoked fish. (Hoo Gard) as a bait. The poignant odor attracted the mouse and was trapped down.




    Since I  was j most members of the family (Being in teenage group) I was directed by my elder brother to carry the mouse and through him in the river Jehlum to gauge his swimming and for chances from the Amirakadal bridge which is also known as first bridge I obeyed the command. While carrying the mouse in the trap  I could find that the mouse was unscarred confident unmindful of Being trapped as that time he headlong tan of mustaches. (the gagger coo rich) while I had none being in teenage group) I reached at the fixed spot many Para by also trained my party. I put the wooden trap in an inclined position- So that the mouse will jump straightly way into the flowing river Jehulm. I opened the mouth of the trap but he never out I gave few jerks like a swims he balanced himself on the diving swimming board at the edge of the trap and in a flash. Just clammed back on the top of the trap and rushed towards my arm holding the trap and to safety while I got scared and in the process the trap fell from my hand into the river.

    So this was the “end of the world” for me I got bashed up from the elder brother for my poor show- But

    Hats off to the mouse. Who just showed his presence of mind and did not “END THE WORLD” So true a tragedy or a life threatening situation could be averted- but whom WHERE THE DEVILS WILL DARE. Beside there ‘jise Allah rakhe usse kaun chake’ so keep living.


    (The author is Ex. Deputy General Manager JKTDC, Srinagar and can be contacted at +91-95960061456 )