By M. A. Kakroo


    Different modes of transport plying under traffic system in the entire state has grown a nuisance and Srinagar City is worst hit. The growth in motor-vehicles could not keep pace with the required road availability in the state particularly since 1988, with the result the existing road network received tremendous load of vehicles. The plying of vehicles on different routes of Srinagar City causes road jamming regularly, as such, roads are turned into the vehicle terminus. Besides, the drivers of passenger vehicles stop / stay enroute at any point of road to drop / lift commuters and in this process the road jamming occurs frequently and to cover even the smaller distances, consume unnecessarily more time. The passenger bus drivers stop at least at fifty points from Lal Chowk to Hazratbal via Lal Bazar and other routes as well. The drivers of passenger vehicles commonly stall the vehicles at corners of roads, crossings of roads at two / three / four way etc, with the result, the vehicles moving from behind and opposite directions get stalled forcibly and road jamming occurs, while travelling in private passengers busses, the position of commuters both physically and mentally becomes so pathetic that only the commuter knows to what extent that persons suffers. Even the pedestrians find it inconvenient and troublesome to walk on roads at these points.


    Further the footpaths in and around Lal Chowk remain occupied by selfish elements for merchandise purpose in connivance of concerned Govt. Departments. The mess in traffic system can be rallied on effectively by taking the following administrative measures.

    1. The footpaths in and around Lal Chowk and main roads of Lal Chowk and roads encroached upon are required to be cleaned and restored to public immediately.
    2. The route from Jahangir Chowk via Maisuma be dispensed with immediately as the Maisuma area is hub of business units particularly the vehicle-repairing centers where vehicles remain on roads for repairing purpose.
    3. The bus stop existing on routes of different roads of city Srinagar be made mandatory for passenger bus drivers to stop / lift commuters. Wherever there is no bus stop identified, same be established.
    4. The minors are seen driving vehicles / two wheelers, which is the serious lapse needs to be prohibited forthwith.
    5. The use of mobile phones by operators of all vehicles during driving of vehicles should be declared unlawful.
    6. The traffic personnel are key to satisfactory and smooth traffic system but they are seen mute spectators whenever the vehicles operator violates the traffic norms.
    7. The use of bicycles by people in Srinagar City holds key for restricting the alarming scale of pollution at undersired level due to vehicles movement.
    8. The parking places in and around Lal Chowk seems inadequate at present as such more and more parking space are required to be established.
    9. The SRTC should be involved purposefully in-ferring the commuters in Srinagar and Jammu and other towns in the state in the interest of public and state exchequer.
    10. The usual increase in vehicle transport and requirement of  roads is required to be allotted regular and permanent policy planning so that roads get constructed as per need.


    (The author is Ex. Deputy General Economics / Statistics J&K and can be contacted at 9858434696)