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Srinagar not ready to become Smart city

Srinagar not ready to become Smart city
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City yet to have a system of waste segregation, SMC plays dumfound

Srinagar: At a time when the Jammu and Kashmir Government claims to be readying itself for making Srinagar the ‘smart city’, SMC dismal performance on ground seems to be acting as a fresh spoilsport in the entire process.

As per the survey done by various government and non- government agencies, there is not even percent of the waste being processed or treated by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation. And out of 100 percent, the SMC has been collecting only 75 percent of the waste from the City out of which less than 5 percent is processed.  The wastes are disposed of indiscriminately at garbage dumping sites and that the creation of the composting units or mechanical segregators is a distant dream.

Leave alone making Srinagar a  smart city, the survey conducted recently has stated that if similar mode of functioning of the SMC continues for another 5 years , Srinagar will be a filthy city and no tourist would like to visit the place.

Furthermore, as per data available on SMC website 450 metric tons of solid waste is generated with the SMC limits on daily basis. Due to various reasons this waste is not at all treated and is finally dumped at Achen landfill site in Srinagar. As per the power point presentation uploaded on SMC website for seeking feedback on developing Srinagar into a Smart City not even in a single residential area (colonies, mohallas etc) or commercial establishments have the facility of   segregation of solid waste .

Due to absence of this facility all the waste (bio degradable / non bio degradable) generated in these areas is lifted in SMC vehicles and dumped unscientifically without any treatment.

A senior official while pleading anonymity says that the announcement of Smart City for Srinagar is a mere mirage and is more political in nature than that of related to administrative set up.

“There is no sewage treatment in place, no adequate water and power supplies. I think the government should first make a Smart Street and then only think of a Smart City for the place like Srinagar,” said the official, adding that it is likely that the GOI wouldn’t accord the status of the Smart City for Srinagar until the basic requirements are met.

If one compares the standards needed for the creation of the Smart City, Srinagar is lagging far behind.  Smart City is an urban place where a proper scientific system is in operation that fulfils basic requirements of the inhabitants of that particular city.  It should be mandatory for Government authorities in a smart city to be first accountable to citizens of that city, rather than being answerable to the senior officers etc.   A smart city has to have proper and adequate water supply, 24 x 7  electricity supply, better sanitation, including solid waste management facilities , better public transport services, affordable housing, especially for poor and better Internet and IT services. (PTK)

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