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Youngsters dying on the streets are torch bearers of Peace: Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir

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Sameer Ahmad 

Pro Establishment groups like NC, Congress, PDP and others are not serious about resolving the long pending dispute of Kashmir. But they primarily focus on smooth and safe running of the government during their tenure as the government.
Anantnag:- The Chairman of Ummat e Islami and Mirwaiz of Southern Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir today condemned the killings of  Zahid Rashid and Saqib Ahmed from Budgam who were martyred by Indian troopers today. “It is very unfortunate that the state is bent upon crushing the resolve of people by hook or crook. The Indian state has declared war against the civilian population in Kashmir and everyone dissenting is being dealt with brute force” he said. Mirwaiz Yasir said that the state to in order to maintain the notion of peace is murdering civilians continuously to strengthen its rule on the kashmiri lands and ideas. “Kashmir is becoming a dangerous place for all those who dissent. The Indian state uses all possible measures to curb the civilian movement” Mirwaiz Yasir said. Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that on one side the drums of elections are being beat and on the other side, civilians are being murdered daily. “The only crime of these people is that they want and are striving for peace. “The Indian state and its local stooges want us to believe peace has returned, but the gap from one death to the other is not peace” he said.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir also denounced the arrests that are being made to ensure smooth elections. “Dozens of youth have been picked up in Czawalgam and other south Kashmir areas and in central Kashmir just to ensure no opposition to the electoral process and simultaneously the state continues to boast of its democratic character and the democratic character of the electoral process” he said. Mirwaiz Yasir said that the state can go to any level to ensure that there is no opposition to the elections. He condemned the undemocratic and unethical arrests being made in the name of “Maintenance of Law and Order”. He said hundreds of Kashmiris are already in Jails following the crackdown upon civilians post 2016 uprising and now the fresh arrests are worrisome and should be condemned in any democratic setup. He said the Pro establishment groups have never been serious about resolving the long pending dispute; they primarily focus on smooth and safe running of the government during their tenure as the government.

Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmed Yasir also paid glowing tributes to Ashfaq Majeed Wani, Abdul Ahad Guroo, Professor Wani, Advocate Jaleel Andrabi and thousands of Kashmiri people who have laid down their lives for the cause of Freedom. He said we should remember the mission of all these people who have sacrificed their will for the cause of the nation. He also demanded the release of Sarjan Barkati, Sajjad Hashmi, Bhat Raouf, Ghulam Qadir Bhat, Mohammed Shafi Shariyati, Mehmood Topiwal, Peer Mohammed Ashraf, Fayaz Ahmed Talaq and other pro resistance prisoners.

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