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Ridiculous to blame Pak for instigating stone pelting: Hurriyat (G)

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Says it’s a tool of resistance, used since 22 years

Srinagar: Terming stone pelting as tool in the hands of deprived people, Hurriyat (G) Thursday said that stone pelting in Jammu & Kashmir has since long been used as a tool of resistance.

“It is ridiculous to blame Pakistan for instigating stone pelting. Indian authorities are suffering from phobia and instead of realizing the ground realities, they unnecessarily imprecate Pakistan”, the spokesman of the amalgam in a statement issued to GNS said.

It is outcome of the egoistic attitude of India. Accusing India of taking people of J&K for ride and the odd treatment for Kashmiris confirms this perception that Indian authorities take them for ride and hence the people are right when they show their resentment and anger, the statement said.

“While refuting the accusation against Pakistan and history of stone pelting, Hurriyat (G) said that Kashmiri people resisted & pelted stones even against Mughal armies & Pakistan was still a dream and no more existing on map”.

Referring to Quit Kashmir movement against  Dogra autocracy, Hurriyat (G) said that people expressed their resentment & resorted to stone pelting as they were resisting tyrannical attitude of Dogra rulers.

Stone as a tool of resentment remained there even after Dogra regime was overthrown and when Indian forces occupied our state, the spokesman said, adding that stone pelting was a measure and characteristic tool for 22 years during right to self-determination movement.

Referring to authorities in Delhi, Hurriyat (G) said that they are fully aware about the modus operandi adopted during resistance movement in Jammu & Kashmir and despite all this their accusation against Pakistan depicts their frustration. Their egoistic approach is a big hurdle and they are turning blind eyes to hard realities, the spokesman said.

“People are left with no other option as there is no space left for peaceful political activities. People are massacred by showering bullets and pellets upon them, fundamental rights being trampled, genuine voices gaged & even mourning over dead bodies is barred”.

In every action, there is an opposite reaction and authorities are inflicting atrocities, there by pushing people to wall. Blaming Pakistan is ridiculous and resentment from people is quite expected and usual, the spokesman said.

Through this blame game, Indian authorities are desperate to mislead international community. It is an indigenous movement while referring to resistance movement in J&K. People will pursue struggle till their aspirations regarding the political destiny of state are accorded due honor and ascertained through right to self-determination, the spokesman said.



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