Slain Ganderbal youth was the only brother of six sisters, family fears the revival of ‘old fated days’

    Mudasir Rashid
    Ganderbal: The friends try to hard and reached Skims hospital on Sunday evening, but it was late Omar Farooq succumbed his injuries in hospital on fated poll day and was sabled night to his family include his ailing Father, slain youth Omar Farooq was the lone brother of six including three cousin sisters, son of poor family Omar Farooq was alone breadwinner, his feeble father is smitten in back pain since years and has not been earning as he cannot stand long on his feet and faces difficulty in walking. The ray of hope now cracked on sabled Sunday evening. It was dark evening when thousands of people nearby villages turn towards Baroosa village and take part in sorrowing of slain youth.
    The crying family and relatives, predominantly Omar’s six nearly-fainting sisters hugging the dead body, the elder women sit down and have the last glimpse of the slain youth while thousands of youth including friends of Omer with moist eyes carried body out of the compound into a nearby Baroosa bypass for funeral, the popular chants of “shaheed ki jo mout hai woh qoom ki hayat hai” and “Omer teray khoon se inqilab ayega” reverberated in the whole locality on funeral time.
    Omar Farooq son of Farooq Ahmad Ganaie who lost his life on unfortunate poll day, as per the reports when BSF soldiers came down from their vehicles on Sunday 7pmand started firing on youths present on Broosa Bypass in this central district Ganderbal. Unfortunately one bullet pierced the abdomen of Omar,” the locals said.
    The family and three sisters were totally depended on Omar Farooq who was the dipper driver and used to work to fulfill the needs of three sisters. The family is finished now. All three sisters are still unmarried, feeble father is too involved in back pain,” said a wailing relative of the slain youth to Kashmir Age after the end of funeral pray of Omar Farooq.
    The area is mourning the killing of Omar Farooq, his dream was to marry off his sisters but the families has been shattered now, who will look after Omar,s family now? He left studies in his early age and was driving dipper and earning little amount to feed his family, slain Omer was beloved of all, he said.
    After losing their lone breadwinner who, few years back brought a great ray of hope among his family members of living a happy and prosperous life, this Ganderbal family now fears the revival of ‘old fated days.
    “Every father’s wish is that his son would shoulder his (father’s) coffin, but things are totally different here, the aged father give shoulder to the young son Omar Farooq, which is unfortunate. The family has lost its lone breadwinner now and it is quite obvious now that the family is likely to revert to the olden fated and dark days,” one of the relatives of Omar Farooq said with moist eyes.