Video: Ailing Health Care Medical Negligence Snatches Life Of Woman, Her Newborn At Lal Ded Hospital


    Ailing Health care: Medical negligence snatches life of woman, her newborn at Lal Ded Hospital

    SRINAGAR: The unabated negligence is continued to snatch precious life in Kashmir hospitals. Unfortunately the negligent doctors, unaccountable directorate of health services, Kashmir and ministers of the current government are in deep slumber.


    Another pregnant woman, her newborn baby becomes a new victim of negligence today at Maternity Hospital Lal Ded in Srinagar. Afrooza, wife of Mohammed Ashraf Shah from Chatrgul Anantnag was brought to bring a newborn in life, but the merciless doctors returned her and her newborn baby dead to home.

    Today Kashmir Press Service wants to ask those pseudo people and lobbyist doctors, who tooth and nail influence to sabotage the media camping against these negligent health officials. Today we want ask, who will return Mohammed Ashraf her innocent wife and a newborn baby.

    The irony is that despite the series of negligence cases in hospitals from north Kashmir to south Kashmir, these doctors, their ministers and directorate of health services Kashmir is busy in saving their skin. These responsible officials and ministers are scorings their interests at the cost of human life.

    Worth to mention, On 24th of August 24 another patient dies at Kanagan due to non availability of medical staff and ambulance. On 11th of August  an infant died due to alleged negligence followed by deteriorated health of another infant on 12th August due to callus attitude of pediatricians in Sub district hospital Sopore. On 6th of June, a pregnant woman died after delivery of a child allegedly due to the negligence of doctors at Lal Ded maternity hospital.

    The sorry state of affairs in health care of Kashmir is that the people involved in high profile fake drug case are enjoying life in their cozy houses. However the victims of poor and unaccountable health care living life in agony.

    What is the fate of government when its ministers, its officers are inaccessible to such a serious public concern?

    Kashmir Press Service tried to contact ministers, director of health services and other higher officials to seek an answer to extremely serious public issue, where life is involved. Interestingly, these so called responsible representatives and their officers don’t bother to pick up a phone call.

    Now the serious question is where the common people will go?

    Are these people on chair enjoying power, merciless?

    It is high time for chief minister Mehbooba Mufti to take serious note of growing negligence cases in Kashmir Hospitals.

    Merely by calling an inquiries will not serve justice to the victims of lethargic, negligent medical staff, but a strict action against the responsible persons, officers on higher seats is required.

    If the government fails to curb this unabated medical negligence, the day is not so far when the growing death toll would be a serious challenge to deal with.