UN : Platform for arguments and counter arguments

    By Shahid Majeed Mir
    The recent meet evolved more as fight for national interest than that of discussion chamber for world issues . The world organisation got its berth with much aura for peace after rough bloodshed in 1945 commonly known as WW II.It has been continously involved in programme of action since then to innovate required policies to fullfill its basic goal of PEACE FULL WORLD. In fact the mandate of the body progressed slowly and steadily with some sturdy periods for effective utilisation of human capacity to improve conditions for peace and security of world. After a big gap of more than seven decades it is necessary on our part to deeply analyse the success story and push for something specific for enhancement of its original capacity through slew of measures to fullfill the aspirations of contemporary times. Is the political environment of world ready for that? Are nations ready to subservient their national interest over global interest? Do we aspire isolation or world federation? The questions should get their answer in much nearer time than expected to save legal mandate of world body, but the recent ASSEMBLY IN NEW YORK came a surprise to entire civil society.
    *Recent Assembly*
    “Pakistan has become terroristan” said top diplomat of india in recent UNGA address with crystal clear attempt to fish in troubled waters of neighbouring Pakistan, to be precise the divided part of india itself. However reaction from that side was not beyond expectation by getting the tag ” Mother of terrorism in South Asia” said Maleeha Lodhi , one of top diplomat Of Pakistan in UN , despite being caught unawares to present the fake picture of PALESTINE GIRL as kashmiri plate victim. Of course the message was diplomatically a sound reply for neighbour but the platform it used could never be justified for its use to attract the global attention. The story from other members isn’t encouraging at all.It is desparate to know the story from other leaders like DONALD TRUMP the president of US calling KIM JONG UN  north Korean dictator “A ROCKET MAN ON SUCIDE MISSSION” and the subsequent sharp reaction from north Korea . Of course the statement reflects the the sabre rattling attitude of North korea but what for THAAD?  What for combined drills with south korea , the oft repeated insecurity element in north koreans.After thorough analysis one thing comes to fore in plain white that the original proposition to enhance the environment for peace through collective effort seems to have bitten the dust as was quoted by Trygve lie ” the Un will not work effectively if it’s used merely as forum for destructive propaganda Neither will it work if it’s used as convenience when NATIONAL INTERESTS are directly involved and regarded with indifference or bypassed or opposed when General World interest is paramount ” ist UN secretary general. Rather the recent meet evolved more more as fight for national interest than that of discussion chamber for world issues. In contemporary times the relevance of said commitment needs an organisation of world powers who rise beyond the restricted sphere of national colony to entire global issue resolution track. We await such commitment?
    *Peace isn’t absence of war*
    The quote is still ripe in our minds for aspirations of world flourishing in environment of peace and security. Someone has rightly commented that ” peace isn’t absence of war Rather Absence of  peace is war ” . Since the inception of UN the world aspired the policy initiatives in letter and spirit for any effective realisation of original goal . There occurred most of incidents which put a black spot on wo history for there impact The rise of nuclear arsenal and Climate change on one hand and the civil war strife refugee influx on other. Is there absence of peace which pushes such problems to uncover there ugly head ? Is UN fulfilling it’s mandate seeing rise of civil wars in recent past? The conditions the world confronts helds power politics the culprit and leaves it in lurch , hardly able to defend itself in court of justice. Though some noteworthy measures of world organisation deserves respect but to there good luck they met the success because either they weren’t hurting power regimes or the national interest of members like UNICEF,  WHO , I LO , etc. Even ICJ got involved in controversies despite it being impartial in its trial and verdict. Chinese example is no more hidden to us who plainly rejected the Verdict on South china sea, paving way to rising trust deficit in such platforms for there success in future. World confronts severe problems which await there realisation at earliest with full package for resolution based on progressive and farsighted dream of Planet For All. All this needs a C ordinated approach at such a platform which needs immediate reforms for effective outcome.
    *Reform debate*
    With membership list of almost all countries of globe the legitimacy of UN is beyond doubt. The organisation works through spreading arms in various fields ranging from health , environment,  trade, law,human rights  and et al  with active involvement of member countries. Why then the organisation fails to fullfilk its basic premise …….PEACE? Of course it’s lackadaisical approach with clear violation of international norms for participation of members . In its immediate need the body awaits elaborate reforms in every sector ranging from UNSC to International financial regulatory management etc. These arms are Xerox copies of world powers with hardly any involvement of dearth of members at bottom. Hence the result is on sight. The sooner the reform phase begins the better it’s for UN to held its legal mandate in particular and flourishing of peace in general. Let’s hope for best .
    To conclude is to remind the saying of world icon of peace in slightly perverted form  ” Absence of peace  anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere” . We owe deep reverence amid pile of faith to this body for realisation of its noble ideal. The world in contemporary times raise inner voice with intense pitch that ” we need more UN than no UN ” which actively involves the participation of every member of every continent in impartial manner to amplify  the  reposed faith of mamoth 6 billion population of world be they ,STATELESS ROHINGYAS,  HOME LESS SYRIAN,  Hungary North Koreans,  belligerent regimes , drought stride Africans , strife torn Afghanese,  terrorism torn Pakistanese,  racism torn Americans,  poverty ridden Indians , aspired Kashmiris and Palestinians, discriminated kurds and catalonians etc. Let’s hope the aspired dream fullfill the expected aspirations in much more progressive manner than that of there rise on the scene. I dreamt of world federation with UN as world parliament. Certainly not platform for arguments and counter arguments.

    Shahid Majeed Mir
    Tangcheck Lolab
    Civil Service Aspirant
    email mirshahid363@gmail.com