Lack of Aadhaar, PAN: 7 lakh JK Bank accounts partially frozen



    Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Bank has partially frozen over seven lakh bank accounts in the state, which have not been seeded with Aadhar.

    Executive president JK Bank, S S Sehgal said that only 46 per cent of the bank accounts in the state were seeded with the Aadhar presently.

    “We have partially frozen five to seven lakh bank accounts in Kashmir that were not seeded with Aadhar number,” he said.

    “72 Per Cent of the bank accounts here are linked with mobile numbers only”.

    Sehgal announced that the bank has kept available Aadhar enrolment facilities in its 80 branches in the state.

    “So far we have identified five each banks in both Jammu and Kashmir regions. People should visit there to ensure Aadhar enrolment in the Bank”

    The official however said that there were several constraints associated with the Aadhar enrolment process.

    “We have some constraints as well like installation of the equipment and then training of the staff. We ensure all these constraints will be overcome to provide Aadhar enrolment number to the beneficiaries,” he said.

    In line with the directive from Government of India for seeding of all the accounts with Aadhaar till 31st December 2017, J&K Bank is about to dedicate 80 business units for this purpose.

    “In this context, I would also request the customers whose accounts have been partially frozen, to immediately seed their accounts either with PAN number or Form 60 as per regulatory requirements.” he said.