Backdoor appointments galore at KU: Scheme “Hire and Fire” created to evade blanket ban order


    University becoming hub of favouritism, nepotism

    Kashmir Press Service

    Srinagar: The University of Kashmir under the current Vice Chancellor (VC), Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi, has become a hub of favouritism and nepotism, Kashmir Press Service (KPS) has learnt.

    The documents lying with the KPS news agency reveal that the incumbent VC has appointed a number of blue eyed candidates on casual/contractual basis by creating a scheme “Hire and Fire” against a lump sum salary so as to evade a blanket ban order notified by the University earlier vide order dated September 3, 2014 in pursuance of roadmap communicated by the Financial Advisor, University of Kashmir.

    Sources said the financial advisor has stopped funds for these “illegal” appointments.

    The VC has appointed four junior engineers (civil and electrical) through backdoor entry vide order No: F (H&F – JDGA/KU/17) dated 9 January, 2017 against the budged head adhoc/casual.

    Most of the illegal appointments have taken place in Construction Division and Zakura Campus.

    Even the incumbent VC seems to be trying his best to accommodate the employees engaged in project completed by the Directorate of IT&SS to university payrolls.

    A circular issued by the University of Kashmir in July 2014, vide notification No: F (Project-Gen Admin) KU, 14, reads: “It has been notified that the supporting staff engaged in various research projects/schemes for a particular period on tenure basis, being sponsored by different agencies, automatically get disengaged after completion of these schemes/project or till the funding ceases from the sponsoring agencies.

    “Inspite of the fact that the engagement of such staff is co-terminus with the schemes/projects, it has been observed that most of the heads of the departments/co-ordinators approach the University administration for their absorption in the University, which is no case is permissible/maintainable under rules,” the circular reads. “It is therefore, impressed upon all the concerned to desist from initiating any such proposal.”

    In an open violation of the above circular, a University notification No: F (Wages-Engagees) Bgt/KU/17 dated March 20, 2017 reads: “As authorised by the Vice Chancellor, the wages of the following engagees may henceforth be debited to the “Revenue” generated by the Directorate of IT&SS instead of “Project Grant” So, it is clear that the “engages” are now drawing salary from the University payrolls.

    Moreover, the Special Secretary to the Vice Chancellor was addressing the problem of faculty, staff, scholars, and students before communicating to the VC but the latter has converted the former into PRO to VC and bought a person who is “inexperienced” in this field. (KPS)