By Shahid Majeed Mir

    The legacy of sangh pariwar looks resonating in policies of government *
    Everyday comes with a luggage of new events illuminating the front line pages of newspapers. This week a much more hypened stereotype news Read ” jammu and kashmir needs assimilation into india not article 370″ said Mohan Bhagwat , the chief patron of RSS some days back. It didn’t came as surprise seeing the majority mandated decision making approach of MODI government. Much aura filled atmosphere of political climate of country in last elections with two rival national parties in steep contest than ever on national platform either with personality cult of MODI or that of crystal clear RSS support for BJP campaign. Results weren’t beyond expectations , though surpassed the original wave in context of numbers leaving congress to meagre number ipso facto. This election evolved as clear cut support for Sangh Pariwar to take country farward through socio economic and political development. This is what everyone in nation aspires today even though ruling party is in culmination period now as far as time context is concerned.
    With initiation of RSS in 1925 Hedgevar laid down the platform to promote and protect Hindu interests amid communal atmosphere of country during British rule. History remains witness’s to fact that organisation successfully tread down the path at every fora to coordinate efforts for effective outcome and down played the forces at infancy who tried to rupture its very existence. Independence arrival offered no more a good news for sangh pariwar, thanks to secular democratic genius of J L NEHRU and of course the founding stone of Congress in entirety. It challenged its very disputed credentials at core to correct the dismayed mistakes of freedom struggle to evolve integrated and sovereign country of india on global scene as recognised power through NAM etc say for example. But much to its fate the tradition fell down under its own weight due to dictatorship in later years like maverick personality cult of Indra Gandhi, thus paving way to rise of regional consciousness and subsequent arrival of political Wing of RSS through sangh pariwar and  now more consolidated arm ….. BJP. The political journey of BJP started fresh travel on track of sangh legacy in its formative years with dedicated band of party cadres called as ARMY OF CADRES by Amit shah( president BJP ). It was handiwork of these cadres through plain white support of man power and of course political candidature  by RSS that came out in shape of result of 2013 elections and hence laid platform for this socio religious organisation to rule from behind the walls.
    After attaining majority in elections the party took steps to ensure the participation of RSS at core with success being tasted through plates of RSS in its very ist meeting attended by top brass leaders of BJP. In fact the meeting set the stage right for overturn in policies and programmes to be adopted while in power. The tune of government changed in blink of eye towards range of issues from national to international. So far as working style is concerned the ideology of national interest became saga of decision making. This national interest appears perverted version of political term as is being belieaved in lenght and breadth of country .Universities arose as sedition grounds. Freedom of expression is censured now. RSS mouth piece became global times of china. Rise of severe attacks on political grounds for genius personalities like Narendra Dhabolkar, Gauri lankesh etc. Criticism is sedition now in secular democratic india. All these bits of  example clearly justifies the hide and seek game of RSS and government which backs the claim on good governance and economic development. But unfortunately the exaggerated baggage of claims started to move at snail’s pace through economic measures while in power. What now?
    The policy of sangh pariwar look resonating in policies  of government. It seems illusionary appearance for high spirited personalities seeing the track of democracy in contemporary period in india. Paradoxical situation has arisen due to complex mixture of india to world and india for world. The latter getting red carpet welcome in power corridors of world while as the former leads country to atmosphere of fear and insecurity. Country flourished on on democratic traditions to welcome refugees, this time 40000 ROHINGYAS are treated as security threat. what has the people aspired from the government is being cornered to cremate its  infancy stage for rightist forces which ipso facto culminates our very existence. Someone has really commented that ” the new broom swaps clean but old one knows the corners”. Reforms are welcome to the extent they didn’t endanger the very foundation of nation. We can’t erase the past from our present despite it being erased through slogans.
    It is high time to awake from deep slumber and put our full faith efforts for all round development of country. The history remains witness to fact that there always remained to be less space for orthodox ideology to survive and most often the liberal traditions accumulated dust in archives of its legacy. I remember the statement of Arvind Kejrival “Modi is PM of entire nation”. It’s here where the politics gets separated from government which is altogether a different platform. It correlates to conditional basis on whose improvement depends the success of national development. Here lies the space for civil society and intellectual groups for enhancement of capabilities to develop the integrity and morality of government on these basics . What for that country where that space is being restricted? On failing with economic front the ruling party seems frustrated to subvert the very agenda of the day.
    To conclude is to remind the saying that “one often falls behind ones own weight “. Our country is on tipping phase of health where it needs a dedicated band of progressive and visionary leaders who overshadow the party cult and look farward to enhance prospect of nation on the legacy of secularism and democracy to corner the space for rightist forces which endanger the face of nation. The government of the day should keep in mind the cherished and long drawn dreams of freedom struggle in mind while treading down the steps on track choosen  by mammoth 1.2 billion people of country. The trust of people should be preserved by rising above the menace of politicisation when national interest comes to front in letter and spirit. Let’s hope that policy matters of country will not be influenced by part time addresses of RSS leaders in future. To government is to nation. Certainly not Hinduta.