G.M Shaheen expresses concern over braid chopping incidents


    SRINAGAR: State President of Janata Dal United J&K G.M Shaheen expressing serious concern over the continuous incidents of braid chopping in Kashmir valley.

    Shaheen has strongly condemned the braid chopping and described it as an attempt to create fear obsession among the people.

    Reacting to the braid chopping Incidents Shaheen stated that state government must take measures to contain such disgraceful activities. He urged upon the state government to wake up to such shameful activities. He also questioned the state government as to why it has not been able to identify the culprits, so far, as result, fresh incidents of braid chopping are taking place.

    Shaheen expressed apprehensions that situation may deteriorate again in case such dishonorable and anti-social activities are not stopped, so state government must take stringent measures to identify the culprits and punish them sternly.


    Shaheen said that the braid chopping incidents have created panic among the local populace in Kashmir especially among the womenfolk who now feel insecure to sit alone at their respective homes.

    He termed these incidents as an insult to the respect of the womanhood and had also castigated the state government for its utter failure. He alluring general public to cooperate with each other and solve those problems because the State government shows its utter failure to provide security to the people of the state, he said.