By Wahid Ali Malik
    Two year ago I was in Alighare . I was In need of money That was the month of July I Found  my Self  without  money I use call my Abuji  (father) But the phone  services  in KASHMIR Stopped That was the Bad time For me But I Got know  From  my Friends KASHMIR  was Burning  and there was Shut I called  one of friends  he was from  DEHLI  I use to talk to Him about  The  condition  of KASHMIR  but He ask me one question . that Question  was why do not you Quit?
    I asked Him what should  we Quit? He replied  Brother  Quit Everything  which Belongs  to  India
    I asked  Him Again  Brother  I don’t  get your  Question  what should  we Quit He Told  me Brother  If You don’t  want  stay with India why you Peoples  Do Government  Jobs why you Peoples Why your  Father  Mother  sister or any Person who want  Freedom  are Doing  Government  services  Of you really  want Freedom  then resign today and Why you all people’s  Make lines in front of the Food and supplies  Stores  That Food also came from the India Why you Peoples  Go Hajj on subsidies why you Peoples ? Why you Peoples always  Vote why you Peoples  don’t  boycott  everything  which  Belongs  to India?
    I was not able to say anything  to Him but I raise  that Question  to Whole  KASHMIR  can anybody give  me the answer  of  These  Questions
    Author Wahid Ali Malik is
    from Shalimar Sringar.