JKB-RSETI holds awareness programme



    Bashir Bhat

    Srinagar: An awareness programme was organized under JKB Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI) at Gund Hassi Bhat, Srinagar in collaboration with Rural Self Empowering Training Institute. The function was organized by Rural Self Empowering Training Institute in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir bank.

    Several womens took part in progamme and bank officials explained different schemes to them. The Training Institute is offering them free training courses and to avail benefits of the different loan schemes.

    However, bank official also encouraged young girls who participated in programme and who face financial problems for establishment of their business unites.

    The trainers advice the participants to visit banks to create accounts so that they can avail different Central government sponsored schemes for poor people whose monthly income is low and had been given Below Poverty Lines (BPL) cards and avail different Self Help Group schemes.

    A Self Help Group offering UDAI for which minimum five womens can contribute little in group account to maintain at least for six months. Accounts will be monitored by UDAI later will be registered for scheme of Self Help Group in which avail loan benefits at subsidy rates (@10%) will be given to the group.

    Meanwhile, Maqbool Hussain Manager of Bank Branch Gund Hassi Bhat Srinagar assured them to help and support women folk residing in the area to his best.