Dialogue without Pakistan is paradoxical

    By Shahid Majeed Mir

    The party to dispute need to be dovetailed to reach any logical conclusion

    Yesterday the headlines of daily basis news reports remained busy to report ” Centre appointed its interlocutor(Dinesh Sharma) for Kashmir” announced union government in Delhi. Kashmir valley is situated in northern corner of India engulfed in hot boiling position of three nuclear giants at arms length. Since the inception of j and k in 1947 barring some truce independence period on vocation of Britain, kashmir witnessed the onslaught of brutal fightings on political basis.It got divided into three parts on its emergence as autonomous princely state with  China following suite to acquire some strategic location , thus leaving the common masses in lurch with separation which seems unending in near future. The dispute dragged to international level as well but to no avail. This part of south Asia is much more fragmented in parts than no one can imagine with China and Pakistan holding a big pie and thus sharing the dispute in entirety. The irony of fact is that Pakistan ceded a large chunk of land as a political gesture to China without  any involvement of hoi polloi of kashmir.

    There are now three fragmented divisions of our geography controlled by three great Asian Powers with J and k state of India , POK  (Azad kashmir) and Aksai chin amid other smaller regions. Thus fruits of partition remained juicy till date in this region as far as indo pak relations are concerned. At much deeper level, the then ruler of  j and k Maharaja Hari Singh acceded to India through instrument of accession  on certain conditionalities which couldn’t be digested by some elements in other part say Pakistan and thus opened a new vista for reign of terror through tribal attack acquiring a big chunk through force which sent jitters along length and breadth of entire south Asia. J L Nehru rushed to UN platform to get some bolt from blue in quick succession which recommended plebiscite which was left in lurch from then onwards on one pretext or other. Then on UN got busy in cold war rhetoric which could successfully burry the hatchery of international dispute despite the consensus on plebiscite through more powerful UNSC resolutions. But to our bad luck neither the promise materialised nor we got any new way out from international community.
    On failing to grant the people right to plebiscite some of the elements got enraged from  other side of border who started some proxy techniques decades later which send red signals along length and breadth of country. Since then thousands came under this onslaught, women , children couldn’t save themselves from wrath of political fight to acquire regions for  power not for quantification of quality of living for common masses. Our government took immediate steps on various fronts to curb these evil practices to ensure peace and security like amplification of security numerically,  draconian laws like AFSPA to deal with jittery situation and much more. Besides this some noteworthy steps were taken from time to time on dialogue front to resolve this long pending issue once for all . But all them lacked a proper vision and capacity to deal with such reputable problem in toto. At pinnacle of them stands the Atal Bihari Vajpayee initiative of INSANIYAT AND KASHMIRIYAT to struck the cord right at its core which could heal the wounds of kashmiris.  Where then remains the lacuna? Why the initiatives fail in infancy ? The problem seems not in initiatives but to lack of commitment on reaching to their implementation stage like that of plebiscite say for example.
    For better understanding we need to have thorough analysis of the history of such initiatives and their failure. The top of ladder is to understand the problem at its core. The nritty gritty of problem is wholly POLITICAL not social religious or above all economic. Whenever the climate develops the appeasement comes through doles of economic package( interlocutors sent after 2010 uprising recommended 10 lakh per head to families who shared loss of life). Maverick personality and today’s PM of country comes with package of 80000 cores.  The problem sustains its place in entirety without ever touching the sentiments of kashmiris. The problem is political it needs political resolution once for all. The Dialogue to whom remains the second problem in line. Most often the situation gets faded due to grand ceremonies for central and state ministers without ever calling upon every stake holders say separatist. Herein lies the main problem whenever the talks arose to the platform of deliberation it could only manage to involve those in politics who abide by the constitution of India in a crystal clear manner. To them the problem is economic to Consolidate their temporary position in power without fixing problem in any way. The third but most notable is that of exclusionary approach of our government barring the exception that kashmir is international problem with signed documents in UNSC on India’s request in plain white and big chunk of our territory controlled  by our belligerent neighbour Pakistan whom they call Azad kashmir.
    To farsighted citizens the problems of this part are more external than internal. The spate of terror and violence has become the order of the day in kashmir. Cardon and search operations,  encounters,  stone pelting and all that has engulfed the paradise in its entirety leaving common masses in despair. The region always remained the bone of contentious between the neighbours. Hence the secular democratic credentials of our country need to spread its entangles for better. We need to actively engage into talks with active involvement of Pakistan in a progressive manner. If not for this we have to remain entangled in a vicious cycle of war and terror throughout  entire life and create stress to our impending problems thus adding our concerns . Heavy establishment of security in kashmir is a major drain on  economy, for emerging economic power the report  doesn’t augurs well . China pak ambitious friend circle might involve some inimical thoughts in their corridors. The manifestations of day today terror activities and clear cut cross border terrorism has to stop now. The Shimla agreement needs the letter and spirit time now , until and unless we engage the party to dispute on dialogue level the whole process seems mockery of itself. It leaves the political problem of region in paradoxical situation which fetters the dream of secure and peaceful kashmir and dooms fate of secular democratic credentials in their infancy. The party to dispute needs to be dovetailed to reach any logical conclusion. Kashmiriyat of Vajpayee is hidden deeper into three discussed branches, when they work in tandem they themselves shall gradually evolve a peaceful stable and secure south Asia.
    Whole kashmir awaits a solution on humanity basis for their right to peaceful and humane livable atmosphere to live in. We demand the climate of peace and security to revive the ancient glory of our paradise which is inimical to all those issues which hinder the moral and intellectual development of human being. After all the parties to dispute should ride the train of humanity by rising above the political opportunism to provide the gurrantee of livable atmosphere to teeming millions who aren’t ready to face the repeated bloody scenes anymore. The bone of contention needs a political resolution with farsighted approach which is acceptable to the  public  highest court of law once for all. Let’s say goodbye to violence. Let CASO go to the world of ghosts without sending shivers down one’s spine in the morning to everyone in kashmir. …………

    (The author is from Tangcheck Lolab and can be reached at