Interlocutor: Another fling by government of India! 


    By Shabeer Rather

    Home minister of india announced former IB man as special representative for jammu and kashmir  fits in very fair proverb, what they say, “rubbing salt on wound” and therefore, are faking the concern. This is what any sensible person can squeeze out in crux while analyzing the strategy and policy of appointment of intelligence man as an interlocutor. All the time, government of India came up with false hopes, fake promises and hypocrite policies.

    As the home minister of India announced the former IB man as the interlocutor for the Kashmir , the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, expressed her joy and welcomed the peace initiative by GOI to address the Kashmir issue.


    The pro-indian politicians (those in power) are considering it as lucrative for people of Kashmir and Kashmir issue. They think this decision by home minister of India will help in altering the ground situation in the Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in the valley. The pro-freedom politicians, on the other hand, have strife with what pro-indian politicians think. For the common kashmiri, the expectations from this appointment are absolutely blur. There are many reasons why a common kashmiri don’t expect anything fruitful from it.

    Reason 1:

    There were many such interlocutors in the past appointed by the govt of India and the report filled by these special representatives was either  put into the dustbin or was probably gulped  by India to hide the true aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir. All the time, Kashmiris were put under the gulp of promise that were never fulfilled. Thus, there is no fervour of the announcement by home minister of India seen on the ground.  For a common Kashmiri, this seems ethnic for India to consider Kashmir issue only at the time, when ground situation is very grim. That is only during the frantic situations, India remembers  Kashmir.

    Reason 2:

    Interlocutor, so appointed by govt of India is a former IB chief. This step is jargon for many. How can any IB man be an interlocuter? Or, how can a former intelligence man have political mandate? Thus, the government of india is sabotaging the peace initiative , even before commencing it.

    Reason: 3

    Obviously, the talks without involving Pakistan and Hurriat, the initiative can never be a fruitful because, the two main stakeholders are ignored in it. Thus, process without two political stakeholders is apolitical . The apolitical process can never solve the sensitive issues like Kashmir. Thus, ousting Pakistan means there is no sincerity in the peace initiative.  Most of the Kashmiris consider Pakistan as the main stakeholder of the issue and in Kashmir, there is more pro-pakistan sentiment than pro-freedom sentiment. If we consider the Indian narrative of Kashmir issue, they blame Pakistan for trouble and disturbances in Jammu and Kashmir. According to India, it is Pakistan which is responsible for all the fuss in Kashmir, otherwise the problem doesn’t exist. So, if they ignore the main trouble maker in the peace process or in finding solution to the problem, how can be a problem solved? Or how can be the peace restored? Or how can be the dispute settled? Thus, not involving Pakistan is like bathing without water.

    Reason: 4

    Anti militancy operations are in full swing. How can the peace process and violence go hand in hand? For instance if armed rebel is killed in an encounter, thousands of people will join his last rites and will manure the anti-india sentiments and hence the presence of interlocutor will have no significance. Before annoucing the mr. interlocutor, India must have ceased the anti militant operations to bear the fruits, but it did counter to it when Indian army chief reported that there will be no impact of the peace initiative on anti-millitant operations.

    Reason: 5

    There is no problem for India with pro-indian politicians, for them problem lies with the pro-freedom or pro-pakistan politicians and with the radicalised youth (according to them). Unfortunately, they all are behind bars. So, with whom that mr. Interlocutor will talk? Probably with none other than their own people.  This initiative is brash. There is no sign of flarring in this process. Even before announcing the special representative the govt of india should have freed all political prisoners, students etc.


    (Last but not the least) The govt of india has always turned blind eye towards the true aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir. They never see what is written on the walls. The terms like aazadi and plebiscite are never included in  the  dictionary so called interlocutors choosen for  peace process.

    To conclude, it is very clear that GOI is never willing to solve the issue and free the valley from its greedy clutches. It seems clear that they are intentionally ignoring the possible and genuine procedures that might solve the issue in a reasonable way. The way the main head, who is heaving enough time to go on world tour, to land on foreign countries, to shake hands with the other respected heads and exchange his mann ki baat and smile, he never spoke up for Kashmir issue. Even if any other recommendations came from outside, he hardly took those recommendations into considerations. Here, the valley  that is meant for the youth are made paralyzed by vision, by movement, by claiming their rights, by living a peaceful life. How come they claim to create love and affection in our hearts, where the very preamble of constitution fails to fit for the same.

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