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One killed as RAB raids ‘militant hideout’ in Dhaka

One killed as RAB raids ‘militant hideout’ in Dhaka
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Dhaka, Jan 12 : A team of officers attached to the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), Bangladesh’s anti-crime and anti-terrorism unit raided a ‘militant outfit’ and killed a suspected militant in Tejgaon Industrial area of Dhaka on Friday morning.


Sounds of gunshots were heard from the six-storey building in Tejkunipara area.The law enforcers cordoned off building early morning, said Maj Roysul Azam, deputy director of RAB’s legal and media wing. Sensing presence of the RAB members, the ‘militants’ fired bullets and hurled grenade at the law enforcers, he said.

Later, the members of the elite force entered the “hideout” after breaking its door, Mr Mufti Mahmud Khan, RAB’s legal and media wing director, said, adding that “more than one militant died in the operation”.


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