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Govt employees working in media houses flouting norms, ethics

Govt employees working in media houses flouting norms, ethics
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Srinagar: At a time when government has tightened it noose on five lakh employees by barring them from uploading any ‘anti-national posts’ on the social networking sites, a large number of employees are having a field day as they continue to work in various newspaper organisations after their duty hours.

A preliminary survey carried out revealed that dozens of government employees work as editors and sub-editors after 5 PM and some are reporting by other names in some leading newspapers in Kashmir, despite the fact government knows all these facts.

Kashmir Young Journalist Association President Mohammad Moazum said that recently, the government has issued the circular that no government employee should update any post on social networking sites against the government. He questioned, “Why the government is not imposing ban on those employees who are working in several newspapers, which is against the government norms?”

“Service rules already bar the government employees from working in newspapers but these are being violated and the government despite having knowledge of the same is not taking any action. These employees work for meager amount just to maintain influence on the government,” Moazum said.

The government employees, who work in media by flouting state employees’ rule book, often tend to work on lower remuneration thus, as claimed by many in the fraternity, jeopardise the overall pay scale in the media.

Besides, they also flout media ethics by planting stories from their respective departments, they work with, to settle their personal scores and have an upper hand against their department colleagues.

However, in several leading newspapers of Kashmir, the employees, who are working as editors or sub-editors are also working in government education and information departments, and some are reporting by other names in different newspapers as district reporters.

A source said that many are working in government departments at prime posts and at the same time they act as senior Sub editors which raise their salary beyond Rs 1.5 lakh.

This lot is getting handsome salaries from both the jobs but have chocked the promotions and vacancies for full time senior reporters and up-coming mass communication and Journalism students from different universities respectively.

Recently, the Jammu and Kashmir Government had barred its employees from using their social media accounts for any political activity by amending the conduct rules for them. Now the question arises that will the same government impose ban on those government employees who are also working in several Newspapers in Jammu and Kahsmir.

Minister for Education, Syed Altaf Bukhari  said that “If there are government employees who are working beyond office time in any organisation, they must have sought permission from the respective departments and that must have been granted. If they have not been granted then they are violating civil services rules (CSR) and the law will take its own course against them,”.

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