Brick kilns Budgam and Beerwha becomes hazard to the human being, environment


    Budgam: In contrast to environmental laws, unnecessary measures are not applicable to reduce the maximum cast of pollution levels in Kashmir. Out of 280 brick kilns the central Kashmir Budgam has 230 and they are posing to threat to the biotic environment in the whole district.

      However situation on ground negates implementation of such measure. “Brick kilns pose a serious threat to the health of the people living close to the kilns. The smoke that out of the chimneys contains lethal gases,” says Mushtaq a resident of chandpora.

       He said that large amount of dust and smoke coming out from the brick kilns are polluting the local environment and badly affecting the health and cultivation of the area.
    The increasing number of patients with chest related diseases also confirms the damage.  A doctor said the emission of huge quantity of toxins from brick kilns is causing serious health hazards.

    “The brick kilns emit toxic fumes containing suspended particulate matters rich in carbon particles and a high concentration of carbon monoxides and oxides of sulpher causes common occupational lung disease like asthma and silicosis. While, the concerned authorities have turned a blind eye towards this grave issue the people living in the vicinity of these establishment have fallen victim to a number of life threaten disease and disorders and to top it up there are other damages caused.

    The locals while talking to news agency about the various dimensions of concerned caused by these kilns said. “Tippers transporting bricks from these kilns throughout the day also affect the health of people. We have literally turned deaf due to noise in addition to the deterioration of roads, which have turned into deserts of dust and we can’t even breathe.”

       “The idea of plantation around the kilns was to reduce the range of dispersal of dust and smoke particles the smoke and dust also adversely affect visibility, reduce growth of vegetation and it cause lung cancer and several other ailments after entering into the human body.
    Locals said the brick kilns owner flout all ruled and regulations. “We have approached all concerned authorities many times and sent them delegations and representation so that this ecological vandalism. Be stopped in accordance with the laws and rules. There has been no action as almost all the officials are hand in glove with the kiln operators, “locals said.

    According to locals “the residents of about dozen villages are being forced now selling t6heir properties and fleeing to safer and cleaner areas.

    It is believed that air pollution affects wild native vegetation and plantation more than agriculture crops due to land degradation as a consequence of utilization of best quality top soil in brick making which leads erosion. Even the  following water stream nearby are polluted by them. “Many of springs are polluted and kilns have drastically affected the trees and vegetables and also plantation of area.  Said residents of Beerwha Budgam.