Girl arrested in Kashmir has no case registered in Pune  


    Srinagar, Jan 27 : A Pune teenage girl who was arrested for a being a suspected suicide bomber has no case registered in her native state, GNS has learnt.

    Joint Commissioner of Police, Law & Order Pune City, Ravindra Kadam categorically said that no case has been registered ever against the teenage girl who was arrested by police at Bijbehara for being a suspected suicide bomber “planning to blow herself on Republic Day in Kashmir”.

     “No case is registered against the girl (Sadiya Anwar Shaikh),” Kadam told news agency GNS when asked about reports suggesting that she was detained by police for alleged radicalization of youth in the second populous city of Maharashtra.

    He also responded in negative to the question whether Pune police had communicated to their counter parts in Kashmir regarding the girl travelling to Kashmir.

    Asked whether JKP communicated to Pune police regarding the girl’s arrest, he said: “No”.

    Sources said that ATS Pune had questioned the girl in connection with her face book friends in 2015 and let off thereafter.

    Sadiya’s mother told GNS over phone that due to non-availability of flight they could not come.

     “We are coming tomorrow,” her mother said, when asked what she has to say about what is alleged about her daughter, she said ask those who have made her suicide bomber all of a sudden. “Whatever I have to say I will say in Kashmir”, she said. (GNS)