State & Parliament elections can’t go together: Tarigami

    Jammu, Jan 30:  Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami while briefing the reporters over the question raised by some MLA ‘S regarding holding the state and parliamentary elections together said that it is totally out of question and cannot be done keeping in view the various dimensions.
    “The constitution of India is made in such a way that it keeps in view the demographics, diversities and specific features of all the states and there are provisions in the constitution that can allow holding of separate elections for state and parliament”.
    Further on the question he said that there are different aspirations that people have with the parliament and state assembly and even the targets of the two are different and for the reason this question has not been raise till now.
    “The work domains of the parliament and state assembly are different and never have been these two held at the same time. People have voted for the state assembly to work for six tears and it will work accordingly”, he said while talking to KNB correspondent.
    The election commission is also of the opinion that simultaneously holding the parliamentary and state elections is not possible and for holding the state assembly elections in 2019 with the parliament elections which otherwise are to be held in 2020 after completing its full term then some amendments have to be made in the constitution.
    He also said that those people who are in the favor of holding the elections earlier are not keeping in view the situation in the valley and this step will have no profit rather it will further  deteriorate the situation. And the spirit of the constitution should be upheld by holding the elections separately which some BJP MLA’s are not understanding.
    Pertinently, the term of legislative assembly of Jammu and Kashmir is 6 years while as in other states it is 5 years because of the separate constitution for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. (KNB)