Rope Rapists! 

By Aafreen Tariq
I live in a country where no means convince me and rapists have a green light for sex.
Where women are asked not to get raped and men are rarely asked not to rape.
Where slut shaming is encouraged and victims are blamed. Where discussing about the rape is a call for being cautious and rape victims voice is ultimately dumped.
I live in a country where molesting and rape is normal, and now it’s claim is hardly acknowledged. It’s unacceptable if women are still seen as a property of the particular men.
She wears a saree, she gets raped.
She wears a burka, she gets raped.
‘Hardly matters if she is seven, seventeen or seventy, Harldly matters if she is a Muslim, Hindu or a Christian, Hardly matters is she is a teenager, married, or a widow.’ She gets raped anyways. That innocent who lost her life behind the lust of those morons hasn’t been delivered justice till now because i live in a country where 8 year old is raped and killed brutally and the prime minister is being ignorant because he is roaming, as if he would never get time to wander in abroad.I live in a country where people are getting used to this shit word, but can’t do anything rather than greiving.
I live in a country where politicians instead of getting justice for an innocent’s murder case are just doing politics over the said issue and making it a source of entertainment and play for them as well as the people.
I live in a country where a 8 year innocent was haunted by the demons of devil. She wailed for mercy but could only find wanton eyes infront of her filled with cruelty and no mercy.
She saw her life flash before her eyes. Her screams still echoing and her tears which rolled down still crushing this motherland. Memories of that terrifying night always return terribly now and that look of her agony and pain flashes before me every minute.
How’s there a point of saying that ‘All indians are my brothers and sisters?’ When all they leave their sisters with bites, bruises and bristles.
I live in a country where worshipping god and raping an innocent is done at the same place. Where the temple doesn’t has the ambience of the sound of bells but the cries and screams of the innocent soul who didn’t even know what rape and murder is.
I am extremely sorry but my so called brothers and sisters, Feeling sorry won’t help, lighting candles won’t help, grieving and keeping mouth shut won’t help.There will be lot more things to feel sorry and light candles about if we don’t learn to speak up and struggle for justice. And if we don’t learn that then all we will ever be able to do in future is to do nothing other than feeling ashamed.
I am glad, Where is humanity? What will we do when half of the nation actually justifies the rape? Don’t just grieve over victim, grieve for a humanity that no longer is seen persisting.The truth is really ugly but by denying it, we continue to allow rapists to remain unpunished and leave the survivors silenced.
I live in a country where currency changes overnight, Where taxation system changes overnight, The government changes overnight but the rapists and murders get time to be punished and the victim’s families die with hunger for justice.
#IamAsifa #IwantJustice
(This writer is a NEET aspirant and can be reached through