DAK seeks death penalty for spurious drug traffickers


Srinagar, June 04: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on
Monday has sought death penalty for those involved in
manufacture, sale and distribution of spurious drugs.
“To curb the menace of fake drugs, we need to get touch on the
drug traffickers. And the toughness include the death penalty,” said
DAK President Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a communique.
“They kill hundreds and hundreds of people and most of them
don’t even go to jail. They need to be punished for the carnage
they cause,” he said.
The amended Drug and cosmetic act of 2008 contains maximum
punishment of life imprisonment.
Dr Nisar said capital punishment has proved effective in other
countries like china. In 2007 former head of China’s state food and
drug administration was executed for his involvement in
substandard drugs which proved to be a strong deterrent.

He said India is the capital of spurious drugs and according to
WHO, India accounts for nearly 35% of world spurious drug
market. In an estimate, 40% of the Indian market is under the grip
of spurious drugs.
“From cancer to heart medicines and from antibiotics to vaccines,
drugs in all therapeutic categories have been reported to be either
substandard or counterfeit,” he said.
“There are clandestine factories that have been making these sham
drugs,” he added.
Dr Nisar said Kashmir is a safe haven for spurious drugs as the
market is unchecked and unregulated and there is no fear of
“In 2013, we unearthed a big spurious drug scandal in which many
people were involved. Lakhs of tablets of fake drug maximizin, a
life-saving antibiotic were supplied to government hospitals.
Following expose of this fake drug, hundreds of drugs which were
consumed by patients were declared substandard,” he said.