Googley the teamsmanship



    By Abdul Hameed Dar

    The best example of team work could be that of the pair of Birds. Hatching their egg in a nest and they will never leave the egg or the nest until one of them is not available to do the duties of hatching or in simper terms it takes two hands to make a clap. So as a team leader, you have to lead your team form front, so you have to be confident, cool, calculated, job knowing, a good listener, a good communicator, a man of crises, a great motivation and you must believe in your inner strength. You have to be very sharp, reactive with complete control on your fellow team working or given to you or one constituted by you etc. Because the team you are heading for come from different back Grounds, with different mind sets/different attitudes/ with different Ambitions/intents/different mannerism/having different set of loyalties towards their assigned jobs- level of deliverance. Towards their Given jobs/allotted jobs and their commitments- with varied degrees of aptitude and levels of sincerity making it a mixture of all sorts or (Gouseen tamull) for the team leader. Because some of them will be doing a job. For the sake of job some doing the same to kill their time for some it’s a necessity or the need, or for some job for the sake of job- so some wants to learn and improve and excel, while  some remain dormant, some sleep on and needs an awakening call to so come of them will look absorbed some distracted , some confident while some lost or confused.



    Some hovering around their bosses- just looking to create an impression. So in nutshell- it’s an individual verses with its work TUG OF WAR THEORY- But on the lighter bodes. Under all eventualities the best among the lot will be the slow and the study worker so if this is the variation of Mental and mood fluctuations of your team. So as a team leader your role comes into picture. So be always Available to your Team- Pat them around, as you are their hope so don’t disappoint them on this account. So be a man of will with clear objectives, goal and targets in your mind and help your team to achieve these targets. Because they are just like the fingers of the palm of your hand. So, you cannot chop out your fingers so kept it their difficulties, their hick ups, stumbling blocks if any, so be a Man of help and sustenance. Don’t criticize or compare the individual performances of your team members. But just sit with your team. Look to their difficulties/correct an polish their mind sty without hurting their ego or sentiments. For a Defaulter, slow Gover, put few fellow associates to help him out of his difficulties if any. Because learning comes only once you have an inner urge of learning a learning is a continuous process. So as a team leader if you have won their hearts you have won their mind sets and thus indirectly you have go t your work or job done, besides creating a cordial atmosphere in the unit or at your place of work and mind it if you are able to do it. The whole team will back you up. This brings success to you and to  your team what else do you all (Staff and the line) want more than that. So don’t disappoint your team as your are just like an expectation for tehm. The few tips for team leader are:- Be friendly but no familiar (ii) Maintain some distance (iii) be punctual (iv) Be up right (v) be honest(vi) think positive (vii) never allow breach of indiscipline (viii) follow strictly the rules, the policy and the programme of your organization (ix) maintain official secrecy.

    Keep the customers/ or the clients interests as supreme look in for their genuine satisfaction.  Be once again with your team in the hour of joy, thrill, excellence, or in an hour of distress, pain or disappear or in grief and besides be a humane. Break the boredom/monotony of the work og for outings/for small excursions/picnic. Keep them all recreated just like an oiled machine as fresh minds miracles so you are a “MAHAL” of your team or the ore man  (the staff) take your team on board in rowing your team Boat as “JAMMAT GAYE KAMAT.” So all the best to you and your team.


    (The author is Ex. Deputy General Manager JKTDC, Srinagar and can be contacted at +91-95960061456 )


    (Article Pledged to the Youth of the State)