India feeling shy for holding plebiscite in kashmir: Syed Aijaz kashani

    SRINAGAR: Awami Itihaad Party youth leader and social Activist Syed Aijaz kashani today accused Government of India for not holding plebiscite in kashmir Syed Aijaz kashani said that By denying the Kashmiris the right to self determination and deploying its 8 lakh army in kashmir India trying every effort to muzzle the voices of innocent Kashmiris who are demanding their rights, right to self determination.Syed Aijaz kashani said that government of India should must remember that it was India’s first prime minister Pandit jawahar Nagar who made promises to Kashmiris for solving the kashmir Issue as per united Nations resolutions.Syed Aijaz kashani said that it’s high time for Delhi to interospect in this issue and solve the kashmir Issue through holding plebiscite.Syed aijaz kashani while accusing the present coalition setup Government he said PDP,s leadership are crossing all moralities and ethics and ignoring the historic background of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute and the huge sacrifices made by Kashmiri people.