Faith & belief ideology believes in conduct & concept


By Shabir Ahmad Shah

Few months back, I visited Delhi and met with a friend who was there to attend a scheduled spiritual programme held somewhere in South Delhi. The spiritual programme was organized by a reputed organization and attended by lakhs of people across the globe. Having been three days programme duration my friend voluntarily served the devotees with full zeal & enthusiasm.  At hotel accommodation, I enquire from my friend about the motive behind these programmes to organize on three times in a calendar year.  He replied that these programmes not only clear the concept of religious beliefs but thrust area remains the conduct. The programme makes the people morally & ethically sound by applying the theory in practice during their stay.  One of the principles is that the devotees can take any much amount of food items available during the programme at regular intervals. It is mandatory that the amount of food taken by a particular person at one point of time must be exhausted by him fully. This act inculcates the “No Waste” food habits among the participants and volunteers. Now, taking an example of our marriages and other function arranged at our respective homes the wastage of food items is uncontrolled matter. The municipality people remaining busy in cleaning the waste products but still big heaps found everywhere which generates deadly bugs. The above programme at Delhi also explains ones moral ethics should be brawny enough to follow the rules of religious concepts & ideology. He also described the cycle of a human being at its living state, after death and treatment thereof. In a nut shell the concept adjudicates that a human being qualifies heaven only when his or her good deeds are marginally much higher. This is universally accepted truth that it is our conduct which will be instrumental for us here in the world and hereafter.  There are number of examples in world history that when a person desires to adopt a certain belief or ideology was directed to first purify himself as per the guidelines of that particular belief. Similarly, a man was entrusted to do a particular task within a timeframe to qualify for an ideology. Adab is the most important component of life style. It is the attitude of the soul before God. The way soul bows down before Almighty with utmost respect is Adab. The attentiveness, intention, inner discipline, gratitude, generosity, personal responsibility and the struggle for justice represent the important parameters. To qualify for any post in any department we have to full fill certain criteria as per the notification. Just to adopt or inherit any belief or faith do not serve the purpose but we have to qualify the basic criteria to adopt an ideology in order to execute it properly & effectively.

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