Blood bath in Palestine amounts to genocide of people supported by international community: Yasin Malik

Visits families of recent martyrs, expresses solidarity with them

Srinagar, May 15 : Blood bath in Palestine amounts to genocide of a people supported by international community. Israel by Killing innocent Palestinians and USA by supporting this carnage is actually promoting a human tragedy. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while condemning the butchery by Zionist Israel in Palestine in which more than 100 innocents lost their lives while as more than three thousands have been injured so far.
Terming this carnage as act of state sponsored terrorism by Zionists against innocent humans; JKLF chairman said that what makes this bloodbath as more wretched is the callous approach by the international community including the USA which has chosen to glorify this mass murder under the absurd pretext of Israeli security. How are small children, unarmed men and women of Palestine a threat to Israeli security and how long will USA and the international community support this apathy against fellow humans especially Muslims, asked JKLF chairman.
He said that international community in the same manner has been maintaining criminal silence on Jammu Kashmir and spree of killings here. This double standard and policies based on economic considerations and apathy are actually turning our world into a terrible place where humans may be living but humanity is fast diminishing, said JKLF chairman.
Meanwhile JKLF chairman along with a high level delegation visited the bereaved families of martyrs Fayaz Ahmad Hamal and Adil Ahmad and expressed condolences to these families.
On the occasion JKLF chairman said that Innocent blood is being spilled in nooks and corners of Jammu Kashmir with impunity but no one across globe seems to bother or take note of this bloodshed. While praying for the heavenly abode of these martyrs JKLF chairman also prayed for the patience of their bereaved families.
Yasin Malik also met with the bereaved family of innocent Adil Ahmad who was crushed to death by a police vehicle and said that a bread earner of a poor and downtrodden family was killed with impunity by police without any regret. A family living in shambles has been shattered by tyrants’ and oppressors which are highly deplorable, JKLF chairman said.
After visiting these families, JKLF chairman went to Khawaja Bazaar Srinagar and expressed condolences to the family of Ghulam Nabi who breathed his last today. Earlier a high level delegation also participated in the funeral prayers of the deceased. The deceased was the father of a youth namely Moomin Nabi who is languishing in Kot Balwal Jail since more than one year.
JKLF chairman expressed condolences to the bereaved family and said that a son is being kept hundreds of miles away from his home in a jail and is not being released so that he could mourn the death of his father and share this agonizing time with his family. JKLF chairman appealed ICRC and other human rights originations to take a note of this and intervene and ensure his release.
JKLF chairman has also condemned the arrest of advocate Shabir Ahmad Bukhari and said that a lawyer was called by police and put into jail which is highly deplorable.
JKLF chairman also expressed condolences to GK correspondent Altaf Ahmad Baba at the demise of his mother and also to photojournalist Bilal Bahadur at the demise of his mother. While praying for the heavenly abode of both the deceased mothers, JKLF chairman prayed for the patience of their bereaved families.