Women’s status in society



By Zainab Aijaz

The status of women in ancient India was quite high esteemed however it got deteriorated with the passage of time and mentality of people towards women.
In the medieval period, women started getting treated as mere slaves. As women were considered inferior, they were denied of freedom. They had to be confined to the four walls of the house. They were not provided with education, as people thought of it as useless to educate women and were therefore kept at home and were treated as dumb cows.
Our motherland has been bestowed with around 1,24,000 prophets and all the prophets were literally men.
The question arises,
Why not a single women has been a prophet?
But in the contrary, the answer unequivocally is that no matter women has not been a prophet, but women has actually given birth to prophet. They are the class of this society who have put up the prophets in their wombs for nine months despite number of hardships.
It is well said by someone that behind every successful man there is a women. Women are undoubtedly playing a very important role in our society. They are supreme for the entire world as they can overcome any situation on their shoulers. They play significant role in our society from their birth till the end of their lives.
Above all, Despite facing hardships, despite performing duties unconditionally and without any remuneration, They still used to be weak because men were considered as the strongest and dominant gender of the society.
Despite numerous awareness programmes, special rules and laws in the society by the government and other associations, women’s life was still more complicated.
They were treated differently in terms of rights and dues in many indian societies even in the modern world. Men used to have a dominating nature over women in various perspectives of life.
However our constitution guarantees them all those rights, freedom, and privileges enjoyed by the male. Consequently, they now feel emancipated and free. The women of India, who form almost 50% of the population, have equal opportunities and rights and can aspire to any position and status in society. Many of them are in top positions in various fields of life. A few of them have been great political leaders, entrepreneurs, administrators and business persons. This marked change in their outlook, social and economic status reflects the fact that their emancipation has been almost complete. It is a fact that Indian women have much better status than their counterparts in many other developing countries.
Indian women are intelligent, hard-working, courageous and full of love, and compassion. With these qualities of head and heart they are quite competent in breaking all the bondage that binds them in traditional subordination and slavery. Endowed with the qualities of beauty, love, strength, tolerance, sacrifice, and creativity, etc. they can do wonders for themselves and for others. In the present day India, they can further consolidate their position and redefine their relationship with men, based on equality and mutual respect by using their strengths more wisely. It is of no use to curse and bemoan their fate as the weaker sex. They should unite and struggle against injustice, discrimination, ill-treatment, abuse and exploitation. Much really depends on women themselves. The future of women in India seems bright but it is women themselves who can ensure it by being vigilant, alert and united. They will have to raise their voices against any violation of their rights and privileges. It is said that God helps those who help themselves and it is equally true in the case of the equality and liberty of women in India.
Here i am writing this to strengthen the women and make them aware so that they bring laurels in future. I would be highly mesmerized if this dream of mine comes true and we get the equality of opportunity in every aspect of life.

(The author of this article is a 9th class student and can be reached through email at sofizainab@gmail.com)