An open letter to S.P. Malik, Governor of J&K State


Kashmir is bleeding why? Indian political apparatus have miserably failed to fulfill their promises to hold plebiscite in Kashmir


I hope that despite heavy engagements around you may spare few minutes to go through this letter. Ever since you have assumed the Governorship of J&K State, the speeches made reveal that you seem concerned for alleviating the suffering of Kashmir is, inflicted on them since Oct, 27, 1947 the day Indian Army attacked and occupied Kashmir. To ease  your mission, if any, I would like to quote some hard facts regarding Kashmir issue viz-a-viz the detrimental role invested by Indian politicians. It is open secret that Kashmir is not an integral part of India as being propagated by Indian political might as All India Congress Committee resolved on 15th June 1947, that people of the states must have a dominating voice in any decision regarding to accede India or Pakistan. In view  of this decision the Hindu  dominating areas acceded  India, and states of Janagadh and Hyderbad Deccan could  not form the part of Pakistan, though rulers here  were Muslims. Likewise Muslim  dominating states  formed newly created country  Pakistan. The J&K State then had over 90% Muslim population, thus was fulfilling all criteria to accede Pakistan . The then ruler Maharaja Hari Singh Offered a stand still agreement to India and Pakistan on August 12, 1947, Pakistan  agreed but India did not, The Indian leaders knew very well that Kashmir were against accession to India and Pt. Nehru advice to then prime Minister of J&K, Meher Chand Mahajan on October, 21, 1947 “ I feel it will probably be  undesirable to make any declaration of adhesion ( to India) at this stage ( Selected works of Pt. Nehru vol-4 page 274). Kashmir Prime Minister Janak Singh had opined on August 13, 1947 that. The bulk of Muslims will  not accept (a) decision to accede to India”   Pt. Nehru told  cabinet committee on Oct. 25, 1947 “ The question was whether temporary accession would help people in general to side with India or whether it would only act as irritant. There was bound to be propaganda to the effect that the accession was not temporary why, because the people would resent the Kashmir’s  accession to India”. The next day N. Gopalaswamy Ayyanger a former dewan of J&K had said that immediate accession might create further opposition “. Pt. Nehru opined that “ he would not mind Kashmir remaining an independent  country under  India spheres of influence”. The Ministry of states of India was directed to prepare a letter to Maharaja on “Temporary acceptance of the Instrument of accession “ ( Pram Shankar Jha-Kashmir 1947). Though the war raging to oust the raiders from Kashmir was on the people remained opposed to India as Indira Gandhi discovered. She wrote to her father Pt. Nehru from Srinagar on May 1948. This is the talk of town and people say that only sheikh Sahib is confident of winning of Plebiscite.


On May 1,1956, Jayaprakash Narayan wrote  a letter to then Prime Minister of India Pandith Nehru,  from all the information that I have a, 95% of Kashmir Muslims do not wish to be or remain India citizens. I doubt therefore the wisdom  of trying to keep” people by force, where they do not wish to stay. This cannot  but have serious long term political consequences though immediately it may suit policy and please public opinion “ ( Selected works of J.P. Narayan Vol, 7. Page 115).” If Kashmir remains with India against the will of the people, it will always find itself in political turmoil” ( Prem Nath Bazaz a close associate of Sheikh Abdullah the struggle in Kashmir Pamposh publication 1964) Ashok Mitra, The Telegraph August 27,2010 had commented “  Behind the façade of the constitutional apparatus rests in nitty-gritty  of rude fact the  valley is occupied territory, remove for-a-day Indian security forces and it is impossible to guage what might transpire and Kashmir’s certainly do not want to be any part of India. One  is suddenly hit by a fearsome realization,  India by and large do not perhaps feel at  all, the way or that about  valleys people in other words, the Indian nation is alienated from Kashmir”.


Pt. Nehru in a speech in Kolkata on  occasion  of new years day function in 1952 had remarked, “ if tomorrow sheikh Abdullah wanted Kashmir to Join Pakistan, neither I nor all the security forces of India would be able to stop, it, because if the leader decides it will happen. So what the Jana Sangh and the R.S.S. are doing is to play into the hands of Pakistan. Just imagine what would have happened in Kashmir if Jana Sangh or any other communal party had been at the helm of affairs. The people of Kashmir  say that they are fed up with the communalism, why should they live in a country where. Jana Sangh and R.S.S. are constantly beleaguering them, they well go else where and will not stay with India” ( selected works of Pt. Nehru, vol 17 page 77/78). The Delhi agreement of 1952 was scrapped inter alia by replacing the elected Sadar-e-Riyasat with Governor appointed  by Delhi. 260 articles of India constitution are extended to J&K State in  contravention of Delhi agreement. The constitution ( application to J&K) order 1954 applies article 253 of Indian constitution in Kashmir with one over riding proviso, reads thus “ provided that after commencement of the constitution (application to J&K) order 1954,  no decision affecting the disposition of the state of J&K shall be made by the Government of India without the consent of the Govt. of J&K state. What else does it imply but that a decision regarding the disposition of Kashmir is yet to be made by   international agreement or at an international conference?” The order of 1954 was made by the President of India on 14th May 1954. The very next day, pt Nehru PM of India stated “India still stands by her international commitment on the Kashmir issue and will implement them at the appropriate time “ To pen down other relevant promises made by Indian politicians regarding the settlement of Kashmir will add pages together. In short the Indian leaders have only told brazen lies despite the fact , that Security  Council of United Nations has passed 23 resolution regarding settlement of Kashmir by holding the plebiscite.


The holding of Kashmir by force, the Indian Govt. is  incurring the huge expenditure worth  billions of rupees a year and this money ought to have been diverted for well being of common Indian. Officially over 400 millions Indian souls live below the poverty  line i.e. these unfortunate  Indian  are deprived of two time meals, do not have sufficient shelter, commonly unemployed, are the victims’ of diseases.  It is to mention here that to keep the vigil on Siachin Glacier alone costs Rs. 150 million a day, the human lives  of soldiers perish in the process why? Is it a suitable proposition to keep Kashmir hold  by force.


Since 1947 the people of J&K State stand robed in all shades of life despite the facts, though state is bestowed of enormous natural resources with sufficient manpower. The socio- economic spheres of the people may be assessed by perusing these  official statistics.

  1. The yearly per capita income of the people in J&K is less than overage India.
  2. The literacy rate in J&K is much lower than average India.
  3. The unemployment rate in J&K State is almost three terms higher than in India average.
  4. The people of Kashmir are made dependent on essentials to life despite huge resources exist here. Last year, the import of essentials to life was imported worth Rs. 45.000 crores of rupees, thus the blood and sweat of Kashmir shed for India.


  1. The people of J&K state are deprived of Electricity even for lighting purpose, not to speak of setting the factories. The NHPC, the Delhi’s East India Company is robbing the people here worth billions of rupees by exploiting the state’s water resources arbitrarily.
  2. The bloodshed of Innocent Kashmir’s at the hands of so called security forces goes unchecked why ? the excesses, atrocities un-justices inflicted on Kashmir’s and violation/abuse of human rights at the hands of Indian soldiers are no longer the secrets as the reports of International forums in this behalf are made public.
  3. The Indian politicians are so inimical to the interests of Kashmir’s that the only National road connecting Kashmir with Jammu has not been supplemented by a solid link the road since 1947 as the roads remains closed for longer durations due to rain snow etc. in a year  thus a source of discomfort and  inconvenience  / trouble to people here.


In  view of these hard facts, I would suggest  that  the following measures are required to be  initiated so that not only people of Kashmir are relieved of torture and inconvenience but the congenial atmosphere to life and peace situations  can prevail in entire Indian sub- content.


  1. Declare Kashmir issue will be decided as per the wishes and aspiration of people here.
  2. Restore Delhi Agreement of 1952 regarding the Autonomy to J&K State.
  3. Release all Kashmir’s detainers who are jailed for raising of voices for right to self determination.
  4. Rescind all black laws in position in J&K State.
  5. The security personnel positioned in village town, cities of State be recalled back to barracks and many more measures are required to be taken so that bloodshed of innocent Kashmir’s is stopped.

(M.A. Kakroo)


(Ex- Director General) Economics/Statistics, J&K State




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