Ex-Norwegian PM’s Kashmir remark endorsement of JRL’s stand: Mirwaiz


Srinagar, Nov 30 : Addressing the Friday congregation at historic Jama Masjid Srinagar, Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that the statement on Kashmir by ex Norwegian PM Kjell Magne Bondevik who recently visited the valley, reflects the true reality of the Kashmir situation and completely echoes what the resistance leadership has been saying all these years. He said that four key things have been mentioned by him in his statement first that Kashmir is an international dispute with UN resolutions and reports on it, second India and Pakistan need to come to table as situation in Kashmir is escalating, three that being the most affected party people of Kashmir need to be on board the parleys and four there can be no military solution to this dispute. Mirwaiz said this is exactly our take on the issue and what we have been saying all along.
He said that GOI should accept these facts reiterated by an impartial person who visited the valley.
Mirwaiz said that military approach to issues can never succeed, but a human approach to them, as witnessed in the opening of Kartarpur corridor facilitated by both India and Pakistan is the best way forward. He said I appeal to Government of India to stop the killing of Kashmiri youth and blinding them by pellets and show the maturity of a large democracy they claim to be by engaging with Pakistan and resolving this long standing dispute in a peaceful manner. He said Mr Modi should positively respond to Mr Imran khans repeated offer of engagement so that both can be build trust and give peace which is the most important factor for progress a real chance. He said People of Kashmir need it the most as we bearing the biggest brunt of the lingering dispute.
Expressing deep anguish and sorrow at the killing spree of armed youth by the forces Mirwaiz said that under operation CASO which in reality is operation kill Kashmiri’s each days young boys are shot dead and it is lauded as a great success! Civilians are also targeted in these operations with impunity and their killing conveniently justified as collateral damage while babies as young as Baby Hiba are also not spared and fired pellets upon. Mirwaiz urged the international community to help stop the daily killings and grave human rights violations here.
After Jumma prayers APHC and AAC Activists held a protest demonstration against the spate of killing of armed youth and civilians across the valley especially in south Kashmir.

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