Video Report | Saving a life more important than relationships: Manjot replies to father



Srinagar: Manjot Singh Kohli has responded to her father’s request and has said that although she has utmost respect for her family but for her right now, “Saving life is more important than saving relationships.”

While Kohli has been receiving accolades from all quarters, her father was not too pleased with the decision. In an emotional appeal, he had asked his daughter to return home and reconsider her decision.

“I request everyone to bring my daughter back,” said her father, Gurdeep Singh Kohli. ” I don’t know under whose influence she is doing it. Please return to your home.”

Kohli while responding to her father’s appeal has said although her father is right in his appeal she will go forward with her decision. “I have utmost respect for my father, but right now my priority is saving a life,” Manjot said.

“My father had consented to my decision earlier, I don’t know what has happened now. I believe it is just a parental concern,” she explained.

Adding that her father had genuine concerns, she said, “He is acting like every other parent. But I will go forward with my decision.”

The activist’s father had a served a notice to the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), Soura, opposing her daughter’s decision, saying “there is no family consent.”

Kohli’s parents met with an accident in 2014, resulting in the death of her mother while his father escaped with serious injuries and underwent a major operation.

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