Winter and basic need crisis 


By Ishfaq Shafi

Winter in Jammu and Kashmir in the month of December and it is extremely cold, then even through the trees have a bare look and the beauty of the hued gardens no longer to catches the eyes , there is an altogether different charm in the surroundings the snow covered landscape in a visual treat as well . Through December to the beginning of March is winter,  which presents valley in yet another mood , are snow covered landscape being watched from beside the warmth of a fire is a joy that can not be described to anyone , who has not experienced,  it some house boats or heated with ” Bukhairs” a typically Kashmir stove kept alight with embers of wood, quite effective in the winter .
               As far as there are some good things in it , it brings many problems for every class’ of people’s in every corner of the valley, the life remains unconstitutional,  on the other side the roads are gym, due to heavy snowfall and people block roads and protesting for their basic amenities.  Whereupon the administration look aidless and hopeless , if the administration was already ready to face the crisis,  and we could not have seen these days . Every body is upset with these problems,  weather he belongs to any class’s,  children , weak and sick are most irritating in these conditions.  We live in the 21st century,  it is not a difficult task to combat this situation but unfortunately we have suffered tussle.  We have not already government here , which we are facing more difficulties that who think for the common people’s in the sake of Almighty Allah in these Crisis and they find any way out,  we are under President rule with the arrival of ” Chillai Kalaan ” . Now our problems have increased more , that when we have already passed through a lot of difficulties,  in this circumstances,  we  have lack of electricity shortage of food and rarity of water supply.
                 In fact that the power shortage coincide with the Darbur move has led to speculation that the electricity is being diverted to the Jammu region , where it is required by the administration requires. But officials of the valleys power development department say there is little truth to this . Kashmirs power shortage stem from a host of other factors they say , including inadequate infrastructure,  transmission losses and under utilization of resources.  This valley is landlocked valley of the world , after the heavy snowfall all the routes and traffic connectivity are closed , due to this reason the people face lot of difficulties.  When the snow is turning all the roads are closed because of which we face difficulties,  and can not move any supply of food one place to another. In this season water shortage in their peak are also felt , people’s demand and protest for water supply and they block the roads , because of which each human being gets troubled,  these are the needs of everybody but every one is worried about getting these amenities even in this winter season,  now we appeal to the higher officials that we don’t have to face these difficulties in this winter season. If their supply got affected some way , it effects each corner to the valley .
(Author is working in Agriculture Department at Bandipora and can be reached at

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