Want to be part of IPL, says cricketer Abid Pathaan


Shabroz Malik

Pattan: A cricketer Abid Pathan hailed from Srinagar a poor family youth is in deep interest that he should be a part of Indian Premier League he added that either he is belonging to a poor family am very hard worker towards represent from Kashmir as cricketer Abid told that the Government of Jammu and Kashmir is not taking any attention towards the stars of Jammu Kashmir which is very unfortunate.

He appealed to Government of Jammu and Kashmir and ministry of HRD to take attention towards the players of Kashmir and send them to participate other states as well national and international level so that the players of Jammu and Kashmir can show to whole world that they upto the stars, while talking with Shabroz Malik a senior journalist of Tameel e Irshad Pathan added that he was very keen interested with playing foot ball and cricket when he starts to play by Ansaar sports club at Hazratbal playground Srinagar after this I have been nominated as counselor in players.

Abid added that he participated and represented on behalf of Jammu Kashmir police in 2010 but due to poor condition of family not continue to play with those clubs, he added that he joined in a private school to feed the family but that employment couldn’t satisfy me and I return to play cricket and the beginning were starts from Ammeter cricket club which became me a good initiative to have a good cricketer where he become the manager and organizer of the club’s and I have been selected as executive of Jammu Kashmir cricket association which was a big achievement for him, he added that it was only the support of may family to rush on that point which was my one goal, as they help him on that stage when my parents were BPL category.

Pathan added that it is very unfortunate that the government if Jammu and Kashmir is not taking any positive intention towards the players of Jammu and Kashmir especially Kashmiri.

If the government is showing the enthusiasm regarding upliftment of players but it is only on their tongue not in their hearts.

Now he appealed Governor Jammu and Kashmir to take keen attention towards such stars so that they can show the whole world that we are on it.

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