WATCH Video | Shah Faesal defers announcement about ‘choice of politics’


Srinagar, Jan 10 : The 2009 topper Shah Faesal has deferred announcement about his future plans as he postponed his interaction with youth scheduled in Srinagar tomorrow.

“Due to adverse weather forecast for tomorrow, the proposed youth interaction at Srinagar is postponed. We shall meet soon. Thank you for showing interest,” Shah Faesal said in his FB post, a day after quitting bureaucracy. Earlier he urged youth to “walk the talk”, saying his ‘choice of politics will be decided by real people.’

In the Facebook post, he said his future plans after quitting the service would also depend on people of Kashmir.

“It has been a storm of abuse and adulation. Hundreds and thousands of people reacted to my resignation in hundreds and thousands of ways. I totally expected this,” he said, adding, “As of now I have quit the service. What I am going to do hereafter also depends on what people of Kashmiri want me to do. More so the youth. I have an idea how I can do it. I am sure you have ideas too and you want me to factor those ideas in before I take a final decision.”

He said if youth are ready to come out of Face Book/Twitter and show up in Srinagar tomorrow, “we could think this through together. My choice of politics will be decided by real people not fb likes and comments.”

“I will share the venue details after I know who all are coming. Let’s see out of those hundreds and thousands how many are ready to walk the talk,” Faesal said, adding, “Don’t tell me later that I should have asked the youth first.”

Shah Faesal, the IAS topper from Kashmir who inspired many young Kashmiris to join the civil services, announced his resignation from the services to “protest against the unabated killings in Kashmir and attacks on J&K special status”.

He also attributed his resignation to “lack of any sincere reach-out” from the Centre, marginalization of Indian Muslims at the hands of Hindutva forces and “growing culture of intolerance and hate” in the name of “hypernationalism”. (GNS)