Watch Exclusive Report | ATHROUT, a welfare body, helps thousands of needy families to live a respectful life across Kashmir


A young Muslim preacher bumped into an underprivileged woman inside a Srinagar church, the encounter instantly changed his worldview and led to create a charitable body namely Athrout

ATHROUT takes care of those forgotten persons who become family liability in the face of the tragedy

With its expanded areas of operation, Athrout has become a full-fledged humanitarian body catering to medical care, education support, monthly household help, empowerment schemes, marriage assistance and alms


“Athrout is a dream, which is turning into reality as it progresses,” : Dr.Sheikh Parvaiz Ahmad

“We at Athrout aim at helping those in need. Manzoor Ahmad Senior Technician

For fundraising, the organization has kept donation boxes at various business establishments

Holds a weekly meeting where cases are shortlisted to check the authenticity of the person seeking help