Opnion | Shah Faesal’s resignation


Is this resignation a farce? Nature of this question is ambiguously blurred in its kind as it needs broader introspections and pre-historical backgrounds, no doubt he is indigenous proud of Kashmir and bluntly became voice of everyone in valley.

Shah Faesal is symbol of education and an institution in itself, for educationists especially the youngsters who are IAS, KAS and IPS aspirants and other competitors in life. There was a mixed respond from netizens, people relate him with tall leader Sheikh Abdullah who started politics at the same bend wherein Faesal and talked Kashmiri aspirations. However, immense sufferings of Kashmir since decades, now his hypothesis of availability of political space and filling up it, is that only theoretical construct, which consequently established so far.

People says when Mehbooba Mufti came in politics her stand and manifesto talked equivalent things, to make Jammu and Kashmir politically empowered, economically self reliant, environmentally safe, socially cohesive, culturally vivacious and inimitable, thereafter, does these promises proved even getting two chances being in government. Relating these politically presumed tall leaders, void at realism, with concurrent political conundrum valley wide is compulsion to visualize and conceive bends and boundaries.

Things are not straight and smooth, Kashmir conflict is a trap which absorbs everyone and exit is distorted. Looking forward being optimistic profundity recalling opinions and suggestions from people about political party amalgamation is welcome step; perhaps he knew all wherein to pitch and what others do not know.

“Strongly believing in his intellectual mindset, administrative skills and courageously speaking out of his domain instead of erstwhile administrative officers worked as silencers for government policies,” says Engineer Rashid.

This reflects he has already occupied that space nationwide former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram says, “I salute Mr. Shah Faesal for speaking courageously reality in public and world should take the notice of it”.

Hence enlarged, enlighten his scope and influence in the world.

Now, therefore development in his political career seems to have widespread scope in near future. But how, when, where and with whom. These questions will be answered in near future.




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