THE Video gaming and social media has been influential enormously since a decade, it has grown among teens, and adults as well in toothy kids who have become the addictive of video gaming and social media. Merely from the last six months it has come to known that the two software of android have become so renowned namely (PUBG) PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND and (TIK TOK). As per reports (PUBG) has reached over 400 million total players across the globe as per the PUBG owner more than 227 million people login monthly to play the game. Similarly (TIK TOK) is leading short video platform in ASIA, USA and other parts of the world. In 2018 the software has gained popularity and became the most downloaded application as it has more than 500 million downloads.

Everything in the world has Advantages as well as disadvantages. A great person’s quote that “EXCESS OF EVERYTHING IS BAD” keeping in view that the (PUBG) and (TIK TOK) has badly influenced our teens, adults as well as kids too. Modern era is the era of competition not a competition in PUBG battle field but in the real field of life .In the western countries our society is being considered as most backward society because our society have not yet learnt about the value of time. Youths are the back bone of every nation but unfortunately we live in such a society where youths are busy in playing (PUBG) and making videos on (TIK TOK).One of most famous writer William Penn says “TIME IS WHAT WE WANT BUT WHAT WE USE WORST”. The PUBG addiction has become the most dangerous addiction. Some experts of our society have regarded PUBG game as the “spoiler of future” for young generation. Playing (PUBG) can deprive the inherent ability from the youths it is very unfortunate that our teens feed more on social media and video gaming than on food like cow feeds on grass.

While looking towards the scientific bad effects of (PUBG) use among teens it leads to screen allergy in eyes and sleep deprivation apart from behavioural changes. A tragedy that the friend killed friend because he had not gave him weapon during the game called (PUBG). Comparable in Jammu & Kashmir many (PUBG) cases have been reported in hospitals. A week-back doctors as well as people were surprised when a patient was brought to hospital where he was screaming pubG. Similarly ethics is very important in our society which we have lost by making videos on Tik Tok even girls have been infested by Tik Tok enormously than boys it is condemnable that if any of our sisters will upload her video, as it has been completely prohibited in our religious Islam. There are very serious impacts to the society if the erosion of ethics is not kept in check. I rely that (Tik Tok) is great software where we can show our talents unfortunately we have not achieved the goal.

The solving of a social problem depends upon finding out the causes of troublesome social conditions which create the problem .Though every social problem is caused by multiple factors, but it is possible to find out chief factor. The most important question is here that why youths are so addictive of pubg? If they are addictive why their parents are unable to stop them from this addiction? As discussed earlier our youth are completely lacking the sense of ethics as they are unable to obey their parents. It is the foremost responsibility of parents to secure their children from such addictions. Some of us think that we play pubg just for time pass actually it is the wastage of their time and memory .A famous writer Ernest Hemingway says “There Is No Friend As Loyal As A Book” .A youth can pass his time when he is free by reading book that can be beneficial for him many ways (PUBG) can only waste your time while book will lead you towards the success. Youth should prepare themselves for competition which the modern world demands. If the youth will not mend their ways they will grieve at their mistake but there will be no time for repentance .It is moral responsibility of preachers, teachers and civil societies to educate youth about the withering outcome of said software. Civil society should also urge for the ban of the game.

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