Bad condition of road hits commuters hard


Shahid Jeelani

Ganderbal 11 Jan: The residents of  Ganderbal district are up in arms against the authorities for dilapidated condition of roads.

The commuters while lashing out at the authorities said that the Beehama -Nagbal road which connects Ganderbal to the rest of the Kashmir is in shambles and dotted with potholes causing immense trouble to the local residents, commuters and drivers.

Reyaz Ahmad a commuter said, “ Beehama-Nagbal stretch is filled with gaping potholes. Due to heavy rains, the potholes have turned huge. Traffic snarls have also become frequent. Motorist’s are unable to gauge the depth of the potholes when it is filled with muddy water and snow and is also the main reason for the traffic congestion on Beehama -Nagbal road.

Another  local said , “During dry season, the dust from the dilapidated road cause inconvenience to the people here, while as during rainy seasons it becomes difficult to walk on the road due to accumulation of mud.”

When contacted Executive engineer R&B Department Ganderbal said, “Beehama -Nagbal road widening has been  approved under CRF, the tenders and allotment have already been done, only problem lies with the lack of funds in  acquisition of land, hope in coming months it will be solved.