‘Not Against Sachin’: Ganguly Clarifies Response on India vs Pak


Former captain Sourav Ganguly has clarified that his response about wanting India to win the World Cup, had nothing to do with teammate Sachin Tendulkar saying that the Men in Blue should play and defeat Pakistan.

Ganguly on 20 February, had called for severing all sporting ties with Pakistan in the wake of Pulwama terror attack which left 40 CRPF personnel martyred. He had also said that not playing Pakistan in one group league tie in the upcoming World Cup would not affect India’s chances.

Sachin, in a separate statement, had opined that India would be better off beating Pakistan, insteading of conceding the two points.

When Ganguly was again asked about the matter, in context of Sachin’s statement, he had said, “He (Sachin) wants two points against Pakistan, I want the World Cup. Whichever way you look at it,” Ganguly had told reporters.

In a tweet on 24 February, former India cricketer Ganguly clarified that his response, was in no way opposing what his teammate Sachin had said.

“A lot of people in the media are trying to put my statement against Sachin’s when I said ‘I want the World Cup’. My response has got nothing to do with his statement, nor is my statement against his.”

He also wrote, “He (Sachin) is, has been, and will (always) be one of my best friends for the last 25 years.”

In his earlier statement, Ganguly had said, “I feel it will be really difficult for ICC to go on with a World Cup without India. But, you also have to see if India has the power to stop ICC from doing such a thing. But, personally I feel a strong message should be sent”.

“And, whatever reactions came from the people of India… was right. There is no chance of a bilateral series with Pakistan after this incident. I agree that after this attack, India should not only stop playing cricket, hockey or football with Pakistan but should cut all ties with them,” Ganguly added.

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