Drug officials, retailers hold meeting, assess stock position


Srinagar, Feb 27 : A meeting was held between officials of district drug officials and retailers’ wholesale pharmaceutical distributors at Handwara on Tuesday to assess the stock position in hand and regulation of future supply process as desired. Several issues were discussed which includes availability of stock of medicine especially drugs which shall be made available if such situation arises taking into account the statement made by retailers and wholesale pharama distributors. Stock of listed class of emergency drugs are available for a period of 7-10 days in case the supply chain is hindered drug like insulin/antidibetic, anti hypertensive drugs, antipsychotic drugs, anti shock drugs, antiepileptic drugs, iv fluids, bronchodilator inhalers, vaccines as anti rabies the retailers and wholesale. Pharama distributors informed that stocks of anti rabies vaccines and baby milk like lactogen are not available.
Following the meeting certain directions were issued which includes the procurement of additional stock of listed emergency and life saving drugs shall be made available for 30 days.
The parties were sanitized about their role during difficult times and their social obligation. The traders emphasized that if the chain get hampered due to certain reasons the department should intervene and make necessary arrangements for airlifting of stock from outside valley or state so that the availability of drugs especially life saving be maintained for public.


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