‘Pakistan Not Your Enemy’: Wasim Akram Tells India, Calls for Peace


Former captain of the Pakistan cricket team Wasim Akram on Wednesday, 27 February, made an appeal to India, saying Pakistan is not its enemy, rather both the countries have a common enemy – terrorism.

Amid escalating hostilities between India and Pakistan, Akram took to Twitter with the ‘#NoToWar’, saying:

Wasim Akram


With my heavy heart I appeal to yours, India,Pakistan is not your enemy, Your enemy is our enemy! How much more blood needs to be spilled before we realise we are both fighting the same battle.We need brothers in arm if we want to beat this war on terror

Akram’s tweet came on a day when an IAF pilot was captured by Pakistan after an air combat, with the two sides saying they shot down each other’s warplanes.

India accused Pakistan of attempting to target its military installations, adding that it shot down a F-16 warplane of Pakistan while it lost a MiG-21 during the fierce engagement between the air forces of the two countries along the Line of Control (LoC).

As the hostilities reached a fresh high, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan invited India for dialogue, stating that “things might get out of control” if the tensions escalated.

Wednesday’s developments came a day after the IAF carried out air strikes on a Jaish-e-Mohammed militant camp across the LoC in Balakot.

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