Is the punishment on Azam, Maneka, Mayawati sufficient for poll code violation?


New Delhi, Apr 16: Amid mounting pressure to act, the Election Commission banned Yogi Adityanath, Maneka Gandhi, Mayawati and Azam Khan from campaigning as a punishment for their highly objectionable remarks. The lower standard of political is a major cause of concern, as the leaders are seemingly paying no heed to poll conduct and making communal and derogatory personal attacks. The poll body has imposed a restrict ban on these four leaders and this has called to question whether the severity of the punishment was enough. The punishment for such offences should be such that it prevents other leaders from repeating these kind of mistakes.The punishment should be so severe that it makes motormouth politicians really think before they speak. As an old adage goes, spoken words cannot be recalled.

What is your say on the this? Do you feel the punishment is harsh enough that it would stop other from making hate speeches? Do you think they should have been banned from campaigning till the polls are over? (Agencies)

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