People of Anantnag will defeat deceptive policies of Modi, Muftis, others: Congress


Srinagar Apr 22 : Asserting that people of Anantnag will defeat the divisive and wrong policies of Modi & Muftis in present elections, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) has reiterated its appeal to people to ensure defeat of deceptive policies on the part of PDP BJP.

In a statement issued to KPS, Party spokesperson has expressed confidence that people of Anantnag will vote in large numbers against divisive and wrong policies adopted by PM Narendra Modi, Muftis and others, who were hell bent upon to divide people for electoral gains, but, at the sometime, he felt confident that they (people) have realized how much damage has been caused to Jammu and Kashmir state in every respect by PDP BJP unholy alliance to serve their vested interests.

“Time has come to respond to their opportunist and divisive policies by ensuring their defeat in the elections, as that, will ensure peace and development in the State,” Spokesperson said, adding that “I would appeal the people of entire Anantnag to cast their vote in favour of Congress party in large numbers to ensure that Communal, divisive and opportunist forces were defeat miserably.”

“Both PDP and BJP owe an explanation to people for betraying them and playing with their emotions for the sake of coming into the power, Spokesperson added and said defeat of PDP BJP in the present elections will be an appropriate responsive to their opportunism, exploitation and betrayal,” Spokesperson said.

He said Congress party will not allow PDP, BJP or any other political force to play with the sentiments of people for political mileage and is fully capable to defeat their designs. “Congress Party has always taken care of urges and aspirations of the people in all the three regions and is fully committed to ensure equitable development of J&K,” he said.

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